New Final Fantasy XIII-2 Screens

By Perpalicious, 8 years ago
Back in January, Square Enix promised that Final Fantasy XIII-2 will "exceed" its predecessor in every aspect.

With two new screenshots released, the game does not seem to have evolved much.

Both screens do unveil a new character, Noel, who is considered "important" to the FFXIII-2 story-line. The battle screen is the first to show off the in-game engine and game mechanics, which seem to be nearly identical to the FFXIII despite Square Enix's claim of an evolved combat system.
External image

External image

Any actual differences and significant information (aside from Lightning being alive) are unknown and will most likely be announced at E3. FFXIII-2 does not have a firm release date but is slated for late 2011 or early 2012.