Psyonix Details New Premium Item Shop for Rocket League

By Sean Carey,
Psyonix has been making changes in the way it provides cosmetics in Rocket League. Randomised loot boxes are on their way out for Blueprints, and so are DLC Premium Packs in favour of a new Item Store.

Rocket League Item Shop

There has been plenty of information released about Blueprints already from Psyonix. Blind Loot Crates will be swapped out for Blueprints where players can see exactly they will be rewarded with before deciding to make a purchase. Blueprints are awarded through completing matches and can be constructed using a new premium currency.

The Blueprint update which rolls out in December will also include the new Item Shop. Players will be able to browse in-game items and buy exactly what they've been looking for. The Showroom will make way for the Item Shop and will showcase "Featured Items" on a 48-hour timer and "Daily Items" on a 24-hour timer that will no longer be available for purchase. The shop will, of course, feature things like Painted Cars, Player Banners, Exotic Wheels, Goal Explosions and more.

Items can be purchased with Credits — Rocket League's new premium currency. Any keys you currently have in your inventory will be converted to 100 Credits to use in the Item Shop, either on Blueprints or to upgrade to Rocket Pass Premium. Credits can be bought and also earned in Rocket Pass Premium. Psyonix has detailed how much packs of Credits will cost; however, we don't have any prices on individual items just yet.
  • 500 Credits - $4.99 USD or region equivalent
  • 1100 Credits - $9.99 USD or regional equivalent
  • 3000 Credits - $24.99 USD or regional equivalent
  • 6500 Credits - $49.99 USD or regional equivalent
All premium DLC packs will no longer be available to purchase after the December update, but may still appear as individual items for sale in the Item Shop. The new update will be rolled out on December 4.

Source: Rocket League

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