Orcs Must Die! Trap Spotlights

By Perpalicious, 7 years ago
Orcs seem to be infinite in the gaming world. No matter how many you slice and dice, there will always be more.

Robot Entertainment's Orcs Must Die!, an upcoming strategy and action game, takes advantage of the never-ending swarm of orcs and equips you with the "best ways to hack, launch, flatten, gibletize, and incinerate an endless army of filthy orcs and their vile allies."

Beyond hand-to-hand combat with some feeble orcs, you are able to set traps (aptly named "Spring Trap") to launch them in the air as if you were a skeet shooter. According to Robot Entertainment, players can "use the cheap and effective spring trap to launch pesky enemies through the air. Where they land is up to you - a pool of lava, a pit full of acid, or even straight into another trap! Beware heavier enemies such as ogres who prevent the spring trap from firing":

Launching orcs through the air simply is not satisfying enough for the bloodthirsty gamer who wishes to see his or her enemies in a million pieces. The remedy is simple: Wall Blades, "expensive, high-damage, razor-sharp blades of pure carnage [that] are an excellent choice for narrow chokepoints and heavily-trafficked hallways. For smooth operation, remember to clean out excess hair and bone every couple of weeks":

Orcs Must Die! has no official date but is expected to be released on Xbox Live Arcade in summer 2011.