TY the Tasmanian Tiger is Getting an Xbox Release

By Heidi Nicholas,
TY the Tasmanian Tiger was a classic early 2000's platformer about the last of the Tasmanian Tigers. Krome Studios have been working on remastering it for the Switch and PS4, and now have met the Kickstarter goal they needed to remaster the game for a third console. TY the Tasmanian Tiger will be making its way to Xbox One some time in Q1 2020.

TY the Tasmanian Tiger HD

Krome Studios were aiming for US$50,000 to bring the HD version of TY the Tasmanian Tiger to the Switch. They since added a $150,000 stretch goal which promised to bring the game to other consoles if the required funds were raised. Both the Xbox One and PS4 were planned to have achievement and leaderboard support, and for the game to run at 4K. Krome said that raising that money would allow them to get more people working on the ports, and that all backers would be able to choose a Switch, PS4 or Xbox One key for when the ports were completed. They hit $100,000 in August, and began a poll for TY fans to choose whether they wanted the game to be released alongside the Switch version on a PS4 or an Xbox One. Whichever wasn't chosen was still planned for release, but at a later point than if the $150,000 goal was reached. The PS4 won the poll in the beginning of September, when Krome were still around $33,000 short of the goal needed to bring the HD version to both platforms. This would have meant that the Xbox version released a while after the game arrived on the Switch and PS4, but Krome have since managed to reach their $150,000 target, and TY will be releasing to Xbox One at the same time, in Q1 2020. It's available to pre-order now, at a discounted price of $25.00.

TY the Tasmanian Tiger is about TY's hunt for his family. He'd thought he was the last of the Tasmanian Tigers, but his family are still alive, and trapped in the Dreaming. There's a single portal in the Outback which would take him to them, but to activate it, TY has to find each of the five Talismans and place them around the portal. Boss Cass is the villain of the game; the character who trapped TY's parents in the Dreaming, and has stuck TY's friends in cages around the Outback. Boss Cass is also after the Talismans, and TY has to beat him and his entourage, find the Talismans, free his friends, and be reunited with his family.

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Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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