All Legendary Bounties are There for the Taking in Red Dead Online

By Heidi Nicholas,
If you've chosen the bounty hunter life in Red Dead Online but missed a few of the weekly Legendary Bounties, don't worry: Rockstar announced that all ten are back and available now. Bringing them in and bringing them down gets you 50% more cash and 25% more XP, for both Bounty Hunter and character role progression. Bounty Hunters also get 25% off the Bounty Wagon for a week.

Visit any Bounty Board to pick from a list of murderers and thieves, embezzlers and arsonists. Those looking to get a Bounty Hunter Licence can purchase it for 15 gold bars from the Legendary Bounty Hunter in Rhodes. The full list of assorted criminals is as follows:

  • Barbarella Alcazar: La Reina de los Banditos, Alcazar is the widow of famed killer Ricardo Alcazar and leader of the Del Lobos gang. She's wanted for murder, thievery, and extortion, and was last seen in New Austin.
  • The Wolf Man: an isolated hermit last seen around Lake Isabella, he's wanted for a series of murders. The area around Lake Isabella is littered with bears, wolves, and other top predators, and it looks as though he'll be backed up by more than a few of them.
The Wolf Man

  • The Owlhoot Family: they're listed as one but they're a whole heap of crazy. This bounty is on the senior members of the family, which is wanted en masse for multiple counts of murder. They were last seen around Benedict Pass. Don't forget, even if you're only targeting one, you're dealing with the whole family.
  • Sergio Vincenza: Vincenza defected from the military, but has kept his skills; he's a sharpshooter running with a gang of other ex-military anarchists. He was last seen when attempting to assassinate the Governer of Saint Denis, and is now thought to be in the fire tower at Roanoke Ridge, where he's lined the hills with explosives.
  • Cecil C. Tucker: Tucker is only twenty, but already has a reputation for arson and murder. He's wanted for burning down homes in the St. Denis slums. He's no longer alone, and now runs with the Lemoyne Raiders somewhere in the vicinity of Fort Brennand north of St. Denis.
  • Philip Carlier: Carlier's wanted for embezzlement and the murder of a fellow employee at the Lemoyne Trading Company. He doesn't have a gang, but living alone in the swamps of Lagras, and having a taste for "dissociative chemicals", has apparently driven him mad.
  • Tobin Winfield: Winfield is a corrupt politician; a former mayor wanted for larceny and embezzlement, and last seen around Thieves' Landing.
  • Etta Doyle: Doyle used to be Madame La Perle, and now runs a gang of bandits. They rob stagecoaches and trains, but have a taste in particular for anything owned by Leviticus Cornwall. Cornwall's plan to catch her is to lure her out by spreading rumours about expensive goods travelling by rail through St Denis, before using Bounty Hunters to ambush her. Doyle has to be captured alive, and can be spotted by the scar on her right cheek.
  • Red Ben Clempson: Sharpshooter and leader of the Red Ben Gang, Clempson is wanted for holding up train routes. He tends to dress in eye-catching clothing, and was last seen around the train tracks in New Austin.
  • "Yukon" Nikoli Borodin: Borodin's a Russian hunter and trapper. He already has warrants from when he was in Alaska, and is now wanted for several murders and for information about the U.S. marshal who set out to bring him in. Borodin and his crew were spotted near Fort Riggs in Strawberry. Borodin's a bear-baiter with several captive grizzlies.
The Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Catalogue's new clothing item is the Covington Hat, along with new tints for the Patterned Bandana. These are on offer for a limited time, along with a selection of the clothing made available throughout the last ten weeks. This week's Featured Free Aim Series is Gun Rush, a last-man-standing struggle where players are dropped into a gradually-shrinking arena and must race each other for weapons. As for Collectors, Madam Nazar is looking for the Foundation Collection, made up of the Feldspar Arrowhead, Endicott Diamond Earring and Emmeline Coral Earring. There's 25% off everything sold at Madam Nazar's and at the Fence.

Red Dead Online

Finally, Rockstar say there'll be details about the next Outlaw Pass soon — we'll keep you up to date as soon as we learn more.

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