Modern Warfare Season One: the Most Free Content in COD History

By Heidi Nicholas,
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has got the roadmap for its first season, and Activision say it's the biggest wave of free content ever in COD history. The new content starts next week when Season One begins on December 3rd, with the addition of the Crash multiplayer map; although Activision say some of the content might arrive later. All in all, there'll be three new multiplayer maps, a new Ground War map, three new 2V2 Gunfight maps, three new multiplayer modes, four new Special Ops experiences, and Activision say there'll be more maps, modes, and Special Ops experiences as Season One progresses. There's also two new weapons for those with the Battle Pass.

Season One Content Drop

All of the Season One content will be releasing across all platforms at the same time. Most of the content is free to all players:

New Maps

  • Crash (Multiplayer Map): An iconic Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare map
  • Vacant (Multiplayer Map): Set in an empty office, it was also in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
  • Shipment (Multiplayer and Gunfight Map): Another iconic Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare map
  • Port (Ground War Map): This Ground War map takes place across streets littered with crates and cranes
  • Cargo (Gunfight Map): This Gunfight map is set in the London docks on a storage vessel full of shipping containers
  • Atrium (Gunfight Map): This Gunfight map takes place in a Verdansk palace, surrounded by ongoing battles

New Multiplayer Modes

  • Reinforce (Multiplayer Mode): Two teams fight to take control of three flags.
  • On Site Procurement (O.S.P.) (Gunfight Mode): This is a 2v2 mode where players begin with nothing, and have to gather weapons over the course of the match
  • Infected (Multiplayer Mode): This is a survival mode where players must either hunt down and eliminate the infected, or else take cover from the hunters

New Special Ops Experiences

  • Bomb Squad (Special Ops Experience): In this Spec Ops experience, players have to search for and defuse the bombs which have been planted by Barkov forces around the city of Al-Raab.
  • Grounded (Special Ops Experience): The airbase which used to belong to Barkov has once again been overrun by enemies. It's the player's task to take them out.
  • Pitch Black (Special Ops Experience): In this Spec Ops experience, you have to get inside Barkov’s estate, find and recover all the specified intel, and make your exit via an exfill in a Tactical Rover.
  • Just Reward (Special Ops Experience): This Spec Ops experience asks you to hack the data centers of an enemy financial operation in order to gain intel.

Additional New Content

Activision say there'll be more multiplayer maps, modes, and Spec Ops content as Season One continues.

Free Content for those with the Battle Pass

Those who are using the Battle Pass system will get two new weapons:
  • Ram-7 New Weapon: This is a new automatic bullpup Assault Rifle "with integrated picatinny rails at 3, 6, and 9 o’clock."
  • Holger-26 New Weapon: "LMG spec of the Holger model rifle, with integrated sight rail and drum magazine."
Activision say there'll be a full reveal on the 100 tiers of the Battle Pass, and much more information about Season One next week, on December 3rd. We'll keep you up to date with all Modern Warfare news.

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