Rocket League Goes Anime with Rocket Pass 5 Featuring 70 Tiers to Unlock

By Sean Carey,
Psyonix has detailed what's to come in Rocket League's fifth season. Rocket Pass 5 starts on December 4 following the Blueprint and Item Shop Update, and with it comes some new anime-inspired cars to unlock.

Rocket Pass Premium members will unlock the new anime-inspired supercar, the Chikara immediately, while the Chikara GTX will be unlocked at Tier 70. Rocket Pass 5 features 70 Tiers of items including Holosphere Wheels, Metallograph Animated Decal and three new Goal Explosions. You can see everything that's earnable here. There is also Pro Tiers beyond Tier 70 where you can earn Painted, and Special Edition versions of Rocket Pass 5 items. Free items included Rocket Pass 5 includes the Cupid Boost, Twinzer Quick Fix II Decal and Yin-Yang Wheels.

You can upgrade to Rocket Pass Premium for 1000 Credits, or you can purchase the Premium Bundle with a 12-Tier Boost for 2000 Credits. Credits are replacing Keys with the new update on December 4 and up to 1000 can be earned through Rocket Pass Premium.

Psyonix has already detailed the cost of Credits:
  • 500 Credits - $4.99 USD or region equivalent
  • 1100 Credits - $9.99 USD or regional equivalent
  • 3000 Credits - $24.99 USD or regional equivalent
  • 6500 Credits - $49.99 USD or regional equivalent
There is also a 2XP Weekend starting today to celebrate the end of Rocket Pass 4. You have until December 2 to unlock any remaining Tiers in Rocket Pass 4. You'll earn double the amount of base XP in Casual, Competitive and Extra Mode Playlist matches via the "+100% special event" XP Bonus.

Launching with Rocket Pass 5 is the new Blueprint system that replaces blind loot boxes and the new Item Shop. Items in the new shop will be purchasable with Credits. Any Keys currently in your inventory will be converted to 100 Credits on December 4 to be used in the Item Shop, either on new Blueprints or to upgrade to Rocket Pass Premium.

Source: Rocket League

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