Starting Next Week, Apex Legends Will Add More Levels and More Apex Packs

By Heidi Nicholas,
EA and Respawn are changing things up for Apex Legends. Starting next week on December 3rd, the level cap will be increased by 400 levels, there'll be over 150 more Apex Packs, and new gun charms will be appearing in core Apex Packs.

The level cap has been drastically changed. Previously, the level cap was 100; it's been increased by 400 levels, and the new level cap is 500. The amount of Apex Packs available to be earned has also been hugely increased; previously 45, players can now earn 199 Apex Packs by level 500. Players at level 2-20 will get one every level (19 Apex Packs altogether). From level 22-300, there's one pack every two levels (140 Apex Packs altogether), and from level 305-500, there'll be one pack every five levels (40 Apex Packs altogether). The packs are retroactive, so players will still get whichever Apex Packs they would have already received from this new system; so if you're already at level 100, logging in after this new system begins will automatically get you 14 Apex Packs. EA say players will keep earning 600 Legend Tokens at every level, and per 18,000 XP at level 500. 36 new Gun Charms are being added into Epic and Legendary tier Apex Packs, and players can earn a Player Level Gun Charm each 100 Player Levels. The Gun Charms will also be in the Rotating Shop. Plus, players will now get a new badge at every ten levels, from level 110 to level 500.

Level badges

The new Gun Charms being added will apparently be inspired by these badges, and will be rewarded at level 100, 200, 300, 400, and 500. This new system also affects player level XP. Previously, there was a bump in XP required around level 36; now, the XP needed between level 20-58 has been reduced. It seems EA are hoping these changes will entice in new players, as they say this reduction in player XP will make for a softer XP curve for new players, who'll be able to get more rewards more quickly through until level 58. The XP needed to reach level 100 has been reduced by 5%. Just as the Apex Pack changes meant that some players will get Apex Packs just by logging in after the installation of this new system, those players between level 20 and 99 who were close to levelling up may return to the game after December 3rd to find themselves at a higher level. Those who are at level 100 already won't see a change. From level 58, the maximum XP needed per level will still be 18,000, and will remain so through to level 500.

It seems EA and Respawn are hoping to see some new players flocking to Apex Legends after these changes go live next week. Are these the kind of changes that Apex Legends needed? Let us know in the comments!

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Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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