Battle for Neighborville's Holiday-Themed Feastivus Festival Begins Next Week

By Heidi Nicholas,
Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville gets its holiday-themed update, dubbed Feastivus Festival, next week on December 2nd.

First up in the new update is a new Team Vanquish, Ops, and Mix Modes map, Oozevoir. Players have to use Zomboss-brand O.O.Z.E. to bounce humans out of their homes before the plants can stop them. The Feastivus update also brings a holiday-themed overhaul to Giddy Park, which will be full of snow, balloons, and wintery lights. Players can earn new costumes by making their way through the Feastivus Prize map. For instance, getting halfway through unlocks the Super Rare Abominable Chomper, 100% completing it gets players the Legendary Feastivus Master for Engineer, and taking a single path through the map unlocks the Legendary Inspiration Elf for Engineer. There's more costumes available at Rux's Emporium in Giddy Park, along with gestures and emotes, which can be bought using Rainbow Stars. The loading screen for Giddy Park will also be updated to a winter version.

Along with the holiday content for the Feastivus update are more general patch notes. New Grandmaster Ranks have been added, and character levels can now go up to 50 instead of the previous 20. The Social Tab will also show the Grandmaster Ranks of other players, whilst the last Weekly Challenges have been updated to give out Rainbow Stars in place of coins. EA have also added a new feature to the scoreboard shown at the end of multiplayer games, which will show the Vanquish/Vanquished ratio. They've also added new UI icons for character perks such as attack, defend and speed. There's also more general patch notes for modes such as Turf Takeover, which has had its capture time decreased for some objectives, and has been modified to make it easier to hit targets on the last objective of Goopy Gully. Giddy Park has two new festivals: Feastivus and Snowday, each of which has a new set dressing. January sees three new activities for Snowday: Treasure Hunt, Bounty, and Coin Capture. You can check out the full patch notes here.

Feastivus kicks off next week, on December 2nd.

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Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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