Gears POP! Update That Fixes the Del Walker Game-Breaking Bug Incoming

By Sean Carey,
If you're still playing Gears POP! you'll be happy to know that an update for the game-breaking Del Walker bug is currently being finalised and will be on its way to players soon, as confirmed by the Gears POP! Twitter account.

The Del Walker pin is currently causing headaches within the GearsPOP! player base. Since a major update back in October when the Del pin was added. When a player deploys the Del pin against three or more enemies and his Buzzkill ability is used, the game crashes. This is especially prevalent when Del is used to counter either Emergence Holes or Wretches. The bug is occuring on both the Android and Windows versions of the game. Some players are even using this tactic against their opponents to crash the opposing players game — which results in a forfeit and a subsequent loss for the victim.

Concerns have also been raised over the RAAM pin with players calling for it to be nerfed. The RAAM pin has the highest amount of hit points in the game with 1850 and can deal 500 damage on deployment. Although the pin does cost a hefty 10 points to deploy, many still consider it over-powered. Mediatonic has responded to the outcry and is currently "looking into RAAM based on feedback from players." RAAM was introduced in the last 1.4 update at the beginning of this month. Update 1.4 added another three pins, Bernadette Mataki, Sam Byrne and Onyx Guards. Balance changes were also made, and changes were made to the Emergence Hole Ultimate, allowing players to only deploy that pin in their captured territory opposed to anywhere on the map.

We don't know when the Del fix is coming, all Mediatonic has said is that they will keep everyone posted once the fix goes live.

As soon as we hear anything, we will let you know.

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Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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