Modern Warfare's Double XP Weekend is Running Now

By Heidi Nicholas,
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's popping into the news a lot lately. It's still number one in our Gameplay Chart, the only game to beat Fortnite out of the top spot in months. A dataminer's also just surfaced who claims to have unearthed every detail about the Battle Pass. Now, there's the news about Modern Warfare's Double XP weekend, which is live from now until December 2nd. Following on December 3rd is a refresh of Officer Ranks.

From December 3rd, the start of Season One, Activision are locking in the Officer Rank and ribbons achieved by every player before the start of Season 1, saying that they "should act as impressive bragging rights". From Season One onwards, every player who made it to rank 56 and up will have their Officer Rank refreshed, and start anew on the Season One Progression track from rank 56 to rank 155. There's 100 more ribbons to earn in challenges, with the ultimate goal of a new animated emblem. Blueprint weapons, Combat Record stats, Enlisted Ranks and Mission progress will all be carried over. If you've still at Rank 54 or below and yet to reach the Officer Ranks, you can carry on progressing through the rest of the Enlisted Ranks before moving on to the Season One Officer Rank progression.

The double XP weekend should help those still below rank 55, or who are aiming for the O. G. blueprint at Officer Rank 155. Activision also remind players that Double XP tokens don't stack with the current Double XP weekend, so that it's better to keep them in reserve for now. The Double XP weekend doesn't affect Missions and Challenges, but Activision still say they're a handy way of getting XP quickly: completing the Winner Ribbon Challenge by getting ten Public matchmaking wins will get you 5,000 XP. Activision also refer to a blog post which details the Officer Rank progression in more detail. The rank refresh starts next week, on Tuesday December 3rd, and the Double XP weekend ends the day before on December 2nd.

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Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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