Overwatch 2: Bigger Maps, More Cinematics, and New Gameplay Mechanics

By Heidi Nicholas,
An Assistant Game Director and the lead writer for Overwatch 2 have shared a few more details about the upcoming sequel to their team based shooter in an interview with PlayStation Blog.

Overwatch 2

Speaking in the interview were Overwatch 2's assistant game director, Aaron Keller, and lead writer, Michael Chu. One item of note is that the maps in Overwatch 2 will be massively increased; "almost 2X larger than regular Overwatch maps". In addition, it seems they'll be much more atmospheric, with "more advanced technology to show dynamic weather, lightning, explosions, and more". Whilst discussing the maps, Keller also mentioned that there'll be more cinematics: each Story Mission will have an intro and outro cinematic, which they plan to be "a major treat" for players.

The story in Overwatch 2 won't exactly be a single-player campaign; it'll be more of a Story Experience for four players to take part in together through co-op. The story missions will follow a more traditional structure, with Chu saying there'll be a distinct beginning, middle, and end. The story will push forwards, into the consequences of Winston's recall shown in the cinematic trailer for Overwatch 2. It's going to be about how the Overwatch heroes respond to the threat of a global invasion by the Null Sector. Keller and Chu are pretty cagey on details about the new heroes, saying they can't discuss who they are or how they'll play, but that they'll help "round out the world of Overwatch" and provide new gameplay mechanics. Keller uses the example of Reinhardt's Talent, Epicenter, where his Earthshatter ability is upgraded from a "cone effect" to a 360 degree area circling him.

As for the heroes already in Overwatch, we know they're each getting a new and updated look with distinct changes to their outfits and appearance, but Keller says that one detail Overwatch fans might have missed is how Lucio's look changes to react to the song he's playing. Keller notes that his hair and the visual aspects of his suit change in colour to reflect the song; pointing out how, in the gameplay trailer, his suit changes between the Speed song and the Healing song, as well as when he uses his Sound Barrier. Lucio's hair will also glow in the dark.

Keller says that with Overwatch 2, they want fans to experience more of the world of Overwatch, by "playing this game in an entirely new way"; fighting against AI rather than other players. Chu says that they've been working towards this story for years. "You’ve been introduced to the main characters, to the conflicts, and the history of the world, but now we’re moving to the next chapter: Winston has pushed the button and recalled the Overwatch agents to fight against the threats the world faces. Now we know that some of the heroes have answered, but what will they do? How will the world react to them? And is Overwatch the solution the world needs?"

We still don't have a release date for Overwatch 2, although Game Director Jeffrey Kaplan has said to VG247 that he's expecting to be talking about it at next year's BlizzCon. We'll keep you posted.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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