GearsPOP! Update 1.5 Fixes Del Bug and Adds Crew Bounties

By Sean Carey,
In case you missed it over the weekend, Mediatonic pushed out a new update for Gears POP! which fixes the game-breaking Del Walker crash bug and adds Crew Bounties.

Since a previous update in October, the Del Walker pin has been causing players' games to crash when using the pin on both Windows and Android versions of the game. Crashes occurred when Del targeted three or more enemies when using his Buzzkill ability. The fix for this has now gone live in Update 1.5 although Mediatonic hasn't specified what the issue was.

Update 1.5 also introduces Crew Bounties which are similar to Daily Bounties. Crew Bounties are weekly events with harder challenged and higher rewards. Every week, your Crew will be given three bounties to complete through both PvP and Horde. Completing a Bounty gives every member of the Crew crystals to collect, and if you complete them before the time runs out, there is also a Bonus Bounty up for grabs. Crew Bounties are only available for a week before they refresh, so make sure you complete them and collect those crystals before they disappear. Hopefully, this should reduce the grind a little.

There are quite a few Crews here on TA. If you're looking to join a Crew or have you're own and are looking to recruit members to complete the new Crew Bounties, let everyone know in the comments below, or whack a post up on the GearsPOP! forum. There's a healthy GearsPOP! community here on TA and the forums are pretty active, with discussions about different load-outs, tactics and techniques, so if you want to get into GearsPOP! that is your first port of call.

No nerfs or buffs have been mentioned in the update notes, so it's unlikely too much has changed to individual pins, including the RAAM pin, which players have been calling too overpowered.

Source: GearsPOP!
Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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