Ghost Recon Breakpoint Players Want AI Teammates and Offline Play According to Survey

By Sean Carey,
Two weeks ago, Ubisoft put out a survey and asked the Ghost Recon Breakpoint community what areas they needed to focus on to improve the player experience. Now the results of that survey have been revealed, with some of the most popular requests being the addition of AI teammates and the removal of online requirements.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Survey Results

The survey results were posted up over on the Breakpoint website. With over 50% of players surveyed calling for the addition of AI teammates. In Ghost Recon Wildlands AI teammates were relied on heavily and improved the gameplay experience. Not only did this mean that players who didn't wish to team up with others online could play the game with a full squad, but players could also use gameplay features such as Sync Shot, where an AI teammate would time their sniper shot with the players' to take out two enemies. Sync Shot is available in Breakpoint but is used with a drone instead of a teammate. Ubisoft has said that they are working hard on AI teammates and will be providing more information on the feature early next year.

Players are also asking for the removal of the games' always-online requirement, with over 30% of players surveyed demanding the change. The game cannot be played offline and requires a constant connection to the Ubisoft servers, which some Ghost Recon fans are disappointed with. In the post on the Breakpoint website, the topic of making Breakpoint an offline game seems to have been ignored by Ubisoft. The Ubisoft team has commented on all the other most requested features bar this one.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Survey Results

Several other changes have been requested including the removal of gear score and tiered loot, enemy AI improvements and the ability to sell all weapons and gear at once. In terms of additional content, a whopping 70% of players have called for new story content, over 60% want new weapons and over 50% want more character customisation and more gunsmith customisation.

Ubisoft said: "Some of the elements are not quick fixes. One of our main imperatives right now is to deliver these changes when they reach the right level of quality. We ask for your patience as we take the time needed to address your feedback." The Breakpoint team will also be providing updates on these topics in the future.

You can view the full list of survey results here.

Source: Ghost Recon Breakpoint

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