GearsPOP! Balance Update Nerfs RAAM, Buffs Myrrah and Adds Two New Pins

By Sean Carey,
It looks like there have been some balance changes in the latest update for GearsPOP! after all. Although not live on the GearsPOP! website yet, the changes were recently detailed in the in-game news section of the app. Several changes have been made including RAAM's offensive capabilities being nerfed, Myrrah is now cheaper to deploy, and two new pins have been added.

Gears POP!

First up, let's have a look at the balance changes. RAAM's offensive capabilities are being reduced. Mediatonic is removing the damage dealt to objectives from RAAM's Kyrll Swarm ability after deploying him. Myrrah has had her deployment cost reduced from seven to 5, but her health has also been reduced by 23%. However, all Wretches (not just the ones she summons) are provided with a damage boost. Gnasher Gang has had a significant nerf with their health and movement speed reduced. However, an extra member has been added to the Gnasher Gang taking the number of soldiers from three to four. Kantus has had a complete redesign. When played, Kantus will provide a one-off health bonus to nearby troops, but no longer provides a damage aura. And finally, Grinder has had a decent buff with a health and attack speed increase and can now deal damage to higher health targets.

Another significant change is that players now start with only three power instead of six, meaning it's now harder to flood the battlefield with lower cost pins at the start of a match. Instead, if you want more Power, you have to deploy a new pin called the Power Generator.

With the start of Season 4 comes two new pins, Victor Hoffman and Power Generator.

Victor Hoffman (Legendary) - 4 Power
"Hoffman leads a disciplined life and guides his team with vigour and pride! Allies on the field with Skills benefit from his presence when he enters the battle. Hoffman fully charges all their Skills and increases all Skill charge rates for the rest of his lifetime."

Power Generator (Rare) - 6 Power
"Want more Power? Want to play more Pins? Want to destroy all who appear before you? This will be quite useful for that."

The full list of balance changes are detailed below:

  • Players start battled with 3 power, down from 6
Gnasher Gang
  • Health: -37%
  • Movement Speed: 7 -> 5
  • Number of soldiers: 3 -> 4
  • Health: +15%
  • Increasing Damage: Deals less damage for the first few shots, but now deals much more after several consecutive shots on the same target.
  • Attack Speed: 0.7 seconds -> 0.6 seconds
  • Redesigned to provide +30 flat bonus to health (at level 1, increasing with each level) to all troops nearby when deployed.
  • No longer provides a damage aura.
  • Increased the range the buff affects allied troops.
  • Stats have otherwise not changed.
  • Power cost: 7 -> 5
  • Health: -23%
  • Spawns wretches simultaneously, rather than one after the other.
  • Myrrah now gives all friendly wretches in play +25 flat bonus damage (at level 1, increasing with each level) while she is alive.
  • Kyrll Swarm attack no longer deals damage to Objectives.
Crew Bounties have also been added to the game which allows players and their Crews to work together to earn Crystals collectively.
Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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