New Customisation "Good Boy Pack" Coming to Blair Witch

By Heidi Nicholas,
It might be called Blair Witch but it's Bullet who's arguably the most important character in the game, and, fittingly, he'll be getting a customisation pack with new features like skins and animations.

Blair Witch dog bullet

The Good Boy Pack was announced alongside the news that Blair Witch was making its way over to PS4. The site says that the Good Boy Pack will be available for all players, on PC via Steam, and on Xbox via the Games Store and Xbox Game Pass. It doesn't mention exactly when the pack will be available, but the PS4 version releases tomorrow, so perhaps it'll be then. It also doesn't mention a price, which bodes well for the pack possibly being free.

It's an important question, can you pet the dog; with its own Twitter account and everything. Blair Witch answers that question with a firm yes; you can pet Bullet, and not just a quick pat pat either, but a full on belly scratch. The Good Boy Pack includes new animations for Bullet, hopefully expanding this further. It could also expand the other ways you can interact with the dog. He's your only friendly companion, and is useful for detecting enemies and useful items, and generally being the only good thing in those woods. How helpful he is depends on how you interact with him. Perhaps this pack will expand his behaviour a little. It also comes with new dog skins for Bullet, and new "content", which isn't specified.

Blair Witch Preview screens

The other part of the pack is new in-game cellphone games. Ellis's phone already has a version of Snake, for a nice relaxing break when he doesn't feel like facing the Blair Witch, but this update will apparently add even more, along with new wallpapers. Bloober Team haven't specified what the other new content will be, but we'll keep an ear out for more information, especially for whether this pack will prove to be free.

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Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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