New Red Dead Online Frontier Pursuit "Moonshiners" Adds Business and Property

By Heidi Nicholas,
December's going to be a big month for Red Dead Online: on December 13th, a new Frontier Pursuit, "Moonshiners", will arrive in the game, with the option for players to have their own business and property. The second Outlaw Pass will also arrive on December 13th.

Moonshiners is a new Frontier Pursuit, like Bounty Hunter, Collectors, and Traders. It brings players a business to run and a property to house it in. Rockstar have set the scene for this newest career: "In an America not yet fully governed by law, opportunity abounds for the lawless - wild open space ready and waiting for the ruthless and ambitious to carve a new future for themselves. How better to make your fortune than to become a black-market Moonshiner...". It seems pretty immersive; you'll get to purchase your own property, a Moonshining Shack, with the option of later adding in your own bar, complete with customisable decor, plus the option to add in a country band if you want to liven it up. Players will essentially build up a business and work to become the most successful black-market moonshiner around, by keeping out of the clutch of the law, outplaying rivals, and improving your own distillation methods. Rockstar say it's ideal for Traders or players who want their own place. Once you've completed a sell mission, or reached Rank 5 in the Trader mission, you'll be taken by Cripps to meet veteran bootlegger Maggie Fike at Emerald Ranch.

Maggie Fike

This is where your Moonshiner role will really kick off, because Maggie knows everyone and everything you'll need to start your business. Plus, this seems to be the point where you'll be able to buy a Moonshining Shack. The ground level of the shack will look like an ordinary home and be a front for the moonshining business in the basement. Part of the Moonshiner role will be to take care of this business; the other side of it is taking part in solo or co-op story missions with Maggie, to take down her enemies. Throughout your moonshiner experience, you'll be learning new recipies and techniques and unlocking role-specific skills. If you do well enough, you can set up your own bar to serve your moonshine in. This is where the customisable decor comes in; and, of course, the country band, so everyone will know that your bar is the best.

Rockstar say that Outlaw Pass No. 2 will be added on the same day that the Moonshiners role becomes available, along with more clothing options and more outfit slots for Wardrobes. The first Outlaw Pass had 70 levels to rank up through, with about 1000 XP for each level, and rewarded unique clothing, weapon styles, bonus Gold Bars and horse accessories. There's no news yet on what the second Outlaw Pass will involve, just that it'll release on December 13th alongside the Moonshiners role. We'll keep you posted!

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Heidi Nicholas
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