There's Still an Avatar Game in the Works

By Heidi Nicholas,
Did you know there was an Avatar game in development? Well, apparently there is; a next-gen, open world AAA game currently named The Avatar Project. It's based on the universe from James Cameron's Avatar movies, and will be set on Pandora. It's coming from Ubisoft studio Massive Entertainment, Lightstorm Entertainment and FoxNext Games, and is apparently still in development, despite the fact that there's been pretty much no news for it since it was announced two years ago in 2017.

Long waits aren't unusual for anything Avatar-related. James Cameron's first Avatar movie came out ten years ago, in 2009, and sequels have been rumoured about ever since then. Principal filming has apparently already been completed for Avatar 2 and 3, which are expected to release in 2021 and 2023 respectively, with a further two sequels greenlit for if all goes well with the first two. Plus, seeing that Cameron had the idea for Avatar back in 1994, it's not surprising that anything related to this universe would have a long time to wait before coming to fruition. Still, two years is a long time to wait without hearing any news of the game. It's not yet even clear what it'll be about; will it take place before, after, or during the events of the first movie? Will any of the characters feature in it? All that the game's site says is that it'll be made using the Snowdrop game engine, and will be set on Pandora.

The tweet at least seems to confirm that it'll be next-gen and open world, as the official Avatar account responded merely that it's "still being developed" without commenting on the phrasing of the question. The movie was such a success that anything related to that world is pretty much guaranteed to garner interest, so hopefully the Avatar Project will turn out to match those expectations. It does seem bizarre that the game's been so quiet, but then again; there's still over 20 jobs going for it on the game's site, for everything from a Senior Narrative Designer to a Lead Game Designer, so perhaps there's still quite a bit to do on it. Plus, as noted by IGN, Ubisoft warned players not to expect the game before fiscal year 2021, which means it wouldn't be seen before April 1, 2020. Given that the next Avatar movie is currently slated for release on December 17th of 2021, perhaps the plan is to have the game release around the same time, in conjunction with the movie. We'll keep you updated when there's any more news for the Avatar Project.

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Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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