Halo: Reach on PC is Suffering From Buggy Audio and Severe Frame Rate Issues

By Sean Carey,
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The Halo: Reach and the Master Chief Collection launch hasn't gone as smoothly as 343 Industries would have liked. Not only have players had trouble installing Reach on both PC and console, but the PC version of Reach is suffering from audio issues, frame rate drops.

According to various threads on Reddit and Steam, the biggest problem that users are coming up against is to do with audio. Some of the issues include quiet gunshots, constant audio popping and crackles and weapons in cutscenes not making any noise whatsoever. We have had a quick look into this in the office and can confirm that gunshots are sounding distant and extremely muffled. During big firefights, gunshots sound underwhelming, and it's hard to tell who is shooting and where precisely the gunfire is coming from. Another big issue seems to frame rate drops and input lag. Some players are reporting huge frame rate drops. PCs that are equipped with more than enough horsepower are seeing fps drops from 100+ down to 30. There also seems to be problems when launching MCC from the Xbox Game Pass for PC Beta app – the game seems to install, but hitting play yields no results. There is a workaround – players just have to find the Halo: The Master Chief Collection program via Search in their system tray and boot up from there.

The Halo Support Team has acknowledged some of the issues and have released a known issues list for PC. The list states that audio is being "actively investigated" while frame rate drops and in-game stuttering is potentially caused by third party software and Support recommends turning off things like Logitech G-Hub, Razer Synapse and other background software.

Looking into various threads further, we are seeing reports of achievements not unlocking on PC. However, we have unlocked a couple in the office, and it seems like most of TA is unlocking achievements, so those affected could be in the minority.

Let us know in the comments if you're coming across any achievement-related issues.
Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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