Apex Legends Player Cap Patch Delayed

By Heidi Nicholas,
The latest patch for Apex Legends has been delayed for consoles. It was set to release today, but EA and Respawn announced that it had been delayed after a last-minute issue. Shortly after announcing the delay, they then came back to say that the update had actually ended up going live — but only on PC. They apologised for the confusion, and the latest communication is that, because there are performance issues on both PC patch and on consoles, the console patch release date is being held back until it's fixed. Long story short; after Respawn wanted to delay the patch, it did its own thing and came out anyway, but only for PC, and with some issues. There's no word yet on the console release date for the patch.

The troublesome patch in question had a few changes in store, the biggest being the increase in the level cap. It had previously been 100, but the patch was going to increase it by 400 levels to a new level cap of 500. Similarly, the number of Apex Packs available to earn was also to be massively increased, so that by level 500 players could earn 199 Apex Packs as opposed to the previous 45. The packs would be divvied up, so that between levels 2 and 20, players would get one pack every level. Between level 22 and 300, it would be one pack every two levels, and between level 305 and 500, it would be one pack every five levels. Plus, players would continue to earn 600 Legend Tokens per level. The Apex Packs would also be retroactive. In addition, a minor change coming alongside the increase in the level cap was that the XP required to get to level 100 was reduced by 5%.

The patch would also introduce 36 new Gun Charms for the Epic and Legendary tiers of Apex Packs, as well as making them available for purchase in the Rotating Shop. The patch would also have several quality of life fixes, such as a change to helmets and armour to make them more colourblind compatible. The spawn rate of Gold Armour has been reduced, and players will be able to cancel Finishers. There's also an inspect animation being added for Lifeline's Heirloom. The patch notes list a range of bug fixes, aimed at issues such as the one which labelled players as the wrong rank, or the bug which made the Respawn Dropship silent as it arrived. The knockdown shields were also to be changed, with the protection range being extended so that it included the area over and behind the player's head. Meanwhile, the health of the common (gray) shield was increased from 100hp to 200hp, whilst the rare (blue) shield was increased from 250hp to 450hp. The update would also enable friendly fire, which could be toggled in the setting menu. Lastly, EA and Respawn promised more tweaks to fix the overpowered Peacekeeper, as fans had claimed it was still too powerful even after the latest changes. They say the changes will be detailed soon.

The Apex Legends Twitter account promises to notify players as soon as there's an indication as to when the patch can go live on consoles.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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