The Division, Overcooked 2, PES 2020 and More Coming to Xbox Game Pass in December

By Sean Carey,
We have another eight games coming to Xbox Game Pass for console this December as confirmed by Xbox Wire. Some we already knew about, and some are new unnanounced additions. Tom Clancy's The Division (returning), My Friend Pedro, Overcooked! 2, Pathologic 2, Wandersong, Demon's Tilt, Naruto To Boruto: Shinobi Striker and PES 2020 will all be added to ther service this month.

Xbox Game Pass Console December

December 5

For the first round of games coming on December 5, we have My Friend Pedro and Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker.

My friend Pedro

My Friend Pedro is all about "one man's struggle to obliterate anyone in his path at the command of a conscious banana." The shoot 'em up involved players traversing a variety of themed levels while killing enemies in style.

Naruto To Boruto: Shinobi Striker lets players battle as a team of four to compete against other teams online. Built from the ground up, Shinobi Striker features an all-new graphical style compared to other Naruto games.

December 6

On December 6 we have two games being added to Xbox Game Pass on their launch days. Both Demon's Tilt and Wandersong will be added to the service.

Wandersong Achievements

Demon's Tilt is a tribute to '90s video pinball games. It features modern effects and gameplay mechanics such as bosses and secrets. The game also boasts "unprecedented depth" that should please both video game fans and pinball enthusiasts.

Wandersong is a musical side-scrolling adventure game that features an in-depth, emotional story. You will play as a bard and use music to interact with everything on a journey around the world. You'll come across a huge cast of characters and have to solve numerous puzzles on your travels. Check out Wandersong's achievement list — it's very secretive.

December 12

December 12 heralds the arrival of four games to Xbox Game Pass, including PES 2020, Overcooked! 2, Pathologic 2 and The Division. The Division is returning after previously leaving earlier this year.

Screenshot 1

It was just announced that PES 2019 was leaving Game Pass, so it's good to see it's follow up, PES 2020 come to the service. PES 2020, is the "most realistic and authentic soccer game". This year's PES also features the Italian side Juventus, which is exclusive to Pro Evo 2020.

Overcooked returns with Overcooked! 2 for more chaotic cooking action. Players will return to the Onion Kingdom to serve up culinary delights with their friends — either in classic couch co-op or online play.

Pathologic 2 is coming to Xbox Game Pass on its launch day and is an open-world horror RPG. Players struggle with a deadly outbreak of plague that's affecting everyone in a small rural town. You will have to face the realities of a collapsing society, make difficult moral choices, fight and kill and try to survive.

Finally, we have Tom Clancy's The Division which is making a return back into Game Pass. The online-only action-RPG is set in an open world, mid-crisis Manhattan. A pandemic has swept through New York, and players are tasked with restoring order to the city. As an agent of The Division, you will specialise, modify and level up your gear, weapons and skills in a bit to take back New York.

Although not mentioned in this Xbox Wire post, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is coming to Xbox Game Pass on December 19, as confirmed by the Game Pass app.

Source: Xbox Wire

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