Xbox Game Pass for PC Games Coming Soon: My Friend Pedro, Human Fall Flat and More

By Sam Quirke,
Xbox Game Pass for PC December

As if an announcement of a bunch of new Xbox Game Pass games for console wasn't enough, the Xbox Game Pass Twitter account has also revealed a bunch of games coming to Xbox Game Pass for PC. The list is a mixture of games announced for console just moments ago, plus an exclusive PC title and some other stuff that PC players haven't gotten to play in the subscription yet.

The second announcement doesn't mention a release window, but we're tempted to assume these games will also be arriving at some point in December.

Age of Wonders: Planetfall

Age of Wonders: Planetfall: This grand strategy game from Paradox combines elements of epic legacy-building politics from 4X games with the more focused battle planning of an XCOM. Its mix of fantasy and sci-fi and engaging lore sit well with a lot of fans of the genre, so it's well worth a try on PC. We don't know if the Age of Wonders: Planetfall achievements list that we already have will be shared with the PC version, whether the PC version will get its own list, or whether achievements simply won't be enabled at all. We will see.

Demon's Tilt Achievements

Demon's Tilt: This 90s pinball game throwback is also coming to Xbox Game Pass for console in December. It's a day-one launch title and apparently promises to push the boundaries of the pinball genre, introducing shmup and hack-n-slash elements as well. We've now picked up the Demon's Tilt achievements list, and it looks like it's going to be shared across Windows 10 and Xbox One. It's out tomorrow.

Europa Universalis IV (Win 10) Achievements

Europa Universalis IV: ID@Xbox are helping bring this historically accurate 4X strategy game to Xbox Game Pass for PC, so we hold out hope that there will be some achievements involved. Regardless, it's well worth a play; at 44,000 lifetime reviews on Steam the game still has a Very Positive rating, and it's currently sitting at a very comfortable 87 on Metacritic. Reviewers have praised its breadth, its polish and its attention to detail, allowing players to act out and potentially change the course of early modern history. We now have the Europa Universalis IV achievements list, and it's a bit of a doozy, with tiny uneven gamerscore spread across hundreds of achievements; some of those are behind a DLC paywall, and the DLCs aren't even available yet. It's available now in Xbox Game Pass for PC.

Faeria Achievements

Faeria: Unlike other collectible card games, Faeria promises a "Living Board" that allows players to reconfigure the battlefield as they play, potentially allowing for more dynamic tactics. It has been well received on Steam so far, but with only 800 or so ratings the developers are likely hoping to give the game a boost via Game Pass. The Faeria achievements list dropped last night; skill and patience will be required to grind a lot of these out by the looks of it. Faeria is available today.


Farming Simulator 17: It might be a little out of date with Farming Simulator 19 garnering even more favourable reviews from our own community, but the 2017 edition of the annual farming management sim is still well regarded. We've just picked up the Farming Simulator 17 Windows 10 achievements list too.

Human Fall Flat - SuperHeroArt

Human: Fall Flat: This doughy physics puzzle-platformer is a firm favourite in the office, on the site and in the industry in general – a pure expression of the fact that ragdolling player characters are always funny, even when they are frustrating. The game keeps getting new levels updated even beyond launch, with a significant multiplayer update adding 2-player local co-op and 8 player online co-op for even more chaos. Check out the Human Fall Flat achievements list on console for an idea of what you are getting into. It's another ID title, so here's hoping that achievement support makes it to PC as well.

Metro: Last Light Redux

Metro: Last Light Redux: The middle entry of the Metro trilogy that this year found critical if not commercial success with Metro Exodus, Metro Last Light is set in a nightmarish post-apocalyptic Moscow. Humans live in the tunnels below the surface thanks to the devastation above, but dark, disturbing forces are forcing the remnants of humanity to fight or flee. You can check out the Metro Last Light achievements list on console; we're pretty certain it'll get a separate Win 10 list just like the first and third games did.

Pathologic 2

Pathologic 2: Another ID@Xbox Day One Launch coming to console and PC, this open-world horror RPG is set in a rural town coping with the collapse of society. Since releasing on Steam earlier this year it has garnered highly positive reviews so we're hopeful about its launch on Xbox platforms. With ID@Xbox funding and support we suspect that this one could end up with a shared list between Xbox and PC, but you never know. Pathologic 2 is out on December 12th.

My friend Pedro

My Friend Pedro: This 2.5D shooter fest is full of ways to look cool while shooting up some bad guys, whether it's crashing between buildings on a skateboard or flipping over a grunt in bullet time. Players will likely get addicted to the game's arcade-style score-chasing, while trying to work out why the player character is following the instructions of a talking banana. My Friend Pedro has graced us with stackable achievement lists – one for Xbox One and one for Windows 10.

As a reminder, Xbox Wire mentioned that the Dead By Daylight Cursed Legacy DLC is free to players on Xbox Game Pass for PC.

The PC (Beta) app is also getting an update next week, including the ability to theme your background with 15 game designs. The update will also allow players to access their achievements, select the achievement image and set it to the desktop. Players will finally be able to view other gamer profiles via the app, seeing the games they have played and their achievement history. Whether this update will also fix the bug that blocks access to Halo Reach via the Beta app remains to be seen.

The Wire post also mentions that a new Xbox Game Pass Quest will allow players to earn Microsoft Rewards point by unlocking one achievement across select games on PC.

Don't forget, there's a significantly bigger bunch of games coming to both versions of the subscription. Check out the 50+ games coming to Xbox Game Pass announced during X019 for an idea of what to expect next year.
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