IOI Release the Holiday-Themed December Roadmap for HITMAN 2

By Heidi Nicholas,
IO Interactive's got a varied mix of holiday-themed content planned for HITMAN 2 in December, as revealed by their roadmap. During the month you'll be getting a Santa suit and taking out an undercover journalist — you know, all the normal stuff. Community created Curated Contracts are returning; or, as titled in the trailer, Clemens Connected Community Created Curated Christmas Contracts (try saying that 4X faster) are returning, as the "12 Days of Contracts" community initiative.

The roadmap is laid out as follows:

December 5th

Escalation Contracts:
The Truman Convention, in Santa Fortuna
The Raaz Algorithm, in Mumbai

December 6th

Legacy Elusive Target:
The Chef in paris for just over a week

December 12th

Escalation Contract:
The Han Encasement, in Mumbai
Curated Contracts:
12 Days of Contracts

December 17th

Seasonal Missions:
Holiday Hoarders. Completing this seasonal challenge unlocks the Santa suit.
Hokkaido Snow Festival. Completing the mission unlocks the Snow Festival Suit. Completing the Snow Master Challenge Pack unlocks the Ice Pick. IOI say the the Snow Festival will be a permanent addition.
Escalation Contract:
The Rafael Misadventure, in the Isle of Sgail. This is a task which requires you to kill your targets entirely through accidents; the example in the trailer is pushing a gargoyle off the roof to land on your victim below.
Legacy Escalation:
The Kotti Paradigm, in Paris. IOI say this was created by community member and Hitman speedrunner, TheKotti.

December 20th:

Elusive Target:
The Stowaway, also in the Isle of Sgail. This tasks you with finding your target, an undercover journalist, disposing of him, and recovering his Dictaphone. However, if he gets suspicious, IOI say "something" will happen: so you have to keep out of sight. This particular Elusive Target runs into the new year, and players have until January 6th to take care of him.

December roadmap

Hitman 2's December Roadmap kicks off today, with the two Escalation Contracts.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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