Otomedius Excellent Coming to North America

By Dog of Thunder, 7 years ago
An English port for Otomedius Excellent was revealed by Konami prior to their pre-E3 press event. Otomedius Excellent is a Gradius-inspired side scrolling shooter.

When it releases on July 19th in North America you can choose either the $29.99 standalone retail game or the $49.99 special edition. The special edition will include an art book, the official Otomedius soundtrack and a two-sided pillowcase featuring the girls of Otomedius.

Here's the E3 trailer from 2010 for the Japanese release:

When Konami describes Otomedius Excellent as being similar to Gradius, they really mean it. This game can not be directly compared to the recently released "bullet hell" shooter Deathsmiles II X as Otomedius Excellent demands a different set of shooter skills. Here's a video of the first stage, being played on easy, that was shot at last year's Tokyo Games Show:

Otomedius Excellent hits retail on July 19th in North America for $29.99.