There's a Free Fallen Order BD-1-Inspired Skin in Apex Legends

By Heidi Nicholas,
EA and Respawn's Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order released a few weeks ago to general acclaim, and it seems that the Apex Legends division at Respawn want to jump in and offer their congratulations too. They're celebrating Fallen Order's launch by offering a free BD-1-inspired Rare Legend skin for Pathfinder, titled BP-1. All players need to do to get the BP-1 Pathfinder skin is play Apex Legends anytime before January 14th.

BD-1 is Fallen Order's answer to the likes of RD-D2, C-3PO, and BB-8; indeed, our review called him "the first true successor to R2-D2." He's progatonist Cal's droid, a sweet, chirpy little thing with definite canine-like attributes. BD-1 and Apex Legend's Pathfinder don't exactly look alike; in fact, Pathfinder probably has more in common with C-3PO's nervous energy, but the skin is tailored to match BD-1's clean red and white design. It's yet to be seen whether this Star Wars/Apex Legends crossover will be a one-off, just for celebration of Fallen Order's launch, or whether it bodes well for more frequent collaborations between Respawn's Apex and Fallen Order teams.

In other Apex news; the console patch which was set to increase the level cap by 400 levels, and which had been delayed due to unforeseen issues, has now gone live on consoles. The patch had proved surprisingly tricky; Respawn had intended to delay it across all platforms due to last-minute issues, but the patch then went live on PC. Apologising for the confusion, Respawn and EA announced earlier this week that they'd decided to delay it further for consoles until it had been fixed; and is now available for everyone. The patch has some big changes, along with the increase in the level cap to 500. The patch also increases the number of Apex Packs, from 45, to a total of 199 available to earn by level 500. The patch also introduced 36 new Gun Charms, and a range of quality of life improvements and bug fixes.

So, when players next start up Apex Legends, they can use all the features of the patch, and also bag themselves a free BP-1 Pathfinder skin.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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