Operation 2: New Characters, Maps and Modes for Gears 5

By Heidi Nicholas,
Operation 2 kicks off in Gears 5 next week, and The Coalition have detailed what to expect. Included in the new content will be five new characters — two heroes and three villains — seven new maps, and a Free For All for 14 players. Operation 2 begins next week, on December 11th.

First up, there are the five new characters:

Lizzie Carmine

Hero, (Horde, Escape, Arcade). Lizzie is a mechanic, driver for the COG, and part of the Carmine family. Her PvE details are as follows:
  • Role: Tank
  • Ultimate: a modular Silverback, which can be summoned in Horde and Escape, and piloted throughout the fight.
  • Passive: reduces the cooldown of her Ultimate every time an enemy dies with her mark,
  • 16 Skill Cards: these can be used to customise the Silverback.
Her Versus Arcade Details are as follows:
  • Passive: Hot Footed, which makes her move faster after taking damage.
  • Loadout: Lancer, Talon, and Smoke
  • Weapon Tree: Shock Grenade (2), Gnasher (4), and Dropshot (6)
  • Skull Bounty: multi-kill Eliminations.
Operation 2 Lizzie


Hero, (Horde, Escape, Arcade): Engineer and head of DB Industries. His PvE details are as follows:
  • Role: Engineer
  • Ultimate: summon a DR-1 which targets enemies and protects him
  • Passive: Building new Fortifications at a minor discount, and carrying Fortifications faster
  • 16 Skill Cards, which can be used to buff and for bonuses
  • Passive: DB Specialist – Significantly reduced recoil on DeeBee Weapons
  • Loadout: Enforcer, Snub, Flashbang
  • Weapon Tree: Shock Grenade (2), Overkill (4), EMBAR (6)]
  • Skull Bounty: Multi-kill Eliminations
Operation 2, Baird


Villain, (Arcade). A Locust sniper from RAAM’s Bloodied Vanguard, who was an important figure in the defeat of Sraak.

Versus Arcade Details:
  • Passive: Hard Headed – Headshot Damage Reduction. This reduced headshot damage will be a problem to Heroes using precision weapons.
  • Loadout: Retro Lancer, Snub, Flashbang
  • Weapon Tree: Ammo (3), Mulcher (6), Torque Bow (7)
  • Skull Bounty: Multi-kill Eliminations

Locust Drone

  • Versus Arcade Details:
  • Passive: DB Specialist – reduced recoil on DeeBee Weapons
  • Loadout: Enforcer, Snub, Flashbang
  • Weapon Tree: Shock Grenade (2), Overkill (4), EMBAR (6)
  • Skull Bounty: Multi-kill Eliminations


There's no information on Kantus yet, just that they'll be added to the Swarm in early 2020.

Operation 2 villains

The Coalition also say that Mac, Keegan and Lahni will be playable in Horde once Operation 2 begins. Fahz will have a buff, as requested by the players, and Kat will have three new Skill Cards. Another big addition is the return of Free For All as the biggest Versus mode in the history of the Gears franchise. It'll be a 14-player mode, in which players will compete to be the first to reach 30 kills. Free For All will first be a featured playlist, and will switch to a Ranked mode in January. Free For All comes with three new maps: Pit, the site of a mining excavation, with slides forcing the fight down to a pit in the middle. It will apparently have the best weapon pickups. Then there's Core, a map set in the centre of a machine, with bridges spanning the two main areas. Lastly, there's Nethercutt; a maze.

Free For All, Operation 2

Meanwhile, Arcade Blitz will also make its appearence. It's a fast-paced objective mode where players must capture hills; except the hills move and points can only be won by standing within it. Arcade Blitz will also be available in Custom Lobbies and the Arcade Quickplay playlist. There's also 2v2 Gnashers, a ranked playlist which focuses on duos. There'll be two maps for this: Boxes, in the middle of War Machine, and Foundation Mid. The Coalition say more maps are coming with the future Operations.

In addition to the five maps for Free For All and 2v2, there's also two more maps for both Public and Private Play. Allfathers Arena is available in Horde and Versus, and is set in an old coliseum built for the founding members of the COG. The map has new features: in the middle are three different areas; the Room, the Field, and the Hall, each of which has three different cover configurations. This means that there are 27 possible map layouts. Meanwhile, Lift is returning to Gears 5, with improved lighting and texture quality. The map is a combination of Lift and Lift Apex.

Operation 2 will also have six new Hives throughout its duration, and 27 new tiles to use in building Escape Hives. Plus, The Tour of Duty in Operation 2 will have more than 200 earnable items, such as character and weapon skins, Iron, expressions, and executions, to be gained by completing daily Objectives and season Medals. Tour of Duty will also double the amount of earnable medal groups for Versus players to 4, with an additional Medal Group for Versus Special Events.

Operation 2 begins next week, on December 11th.
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