UPDATE: Remedy and Microsoft Clarify that Control is Not Coming to Xbox Game Pass

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Update 2: Xbox Game Pass have also released a statement corroborating Remedy's response to Spencer's apparent error:

"We're aware that "Control" was mentioned as coming to the Xbox Game Pass library and can confirm that this was in error. While we are always updating the library and looking for new ways to provide our members with value and choice in their games, we do not have plans to bring "Control" to the libary at this time."
Update: Remedy themselves have come forward to dispute the idea that Control is coming to Xbox Game Pass, saying that "the information about Control coming to Xbox Game Pass as reported on a recent Mixer stream is incorrect. We have no news or announcements regarding Xbox Game Pass at this time". Whilst that does put a bit of a dampener on things, it's not necessarily all bad news. Remedy say they don't have news about Control and Game Pass "at this time" — plus, you've got to wonder where Phil Spencer got the idea from in the first place. We'll have to wait and see if this situation changes in the future.

Original story: Just yesterday, we found out about another eight titles coming to Xbox Game Pass in December, and it looks like we've just had another big piece of Xbox Game Pass news. Speaking on an Extra Life stream, Head of Xbox Phil Spencer seemed to announce (whether accidentally or not) that Remedy Entertainment's third person shooter Control will be coming to Game Pass.

Control E3 2019 Screenshots

It's around the 44 minute mark (thanks, ResetEra) that Spencer announces this. It's when Producer Ethan Rothamel and Director of Player Voice at 343 Justin Robey are asking Spencer for his top three games of the year, or, when Spencer hesitated, for any titles which have surprised him. They use the example of how Outer Wilds was a great surprise to them, and Spencer replies, "Outer Wilds was great. It's been a really- I thought Control was really good... It didn't reach enough people, so I'm glad to see that it's coming into Game Pass, so hopefully more people will play it, because it's a game that should be played from our friends at Remedy." Control was one of those titles which seemed to take players by surprise, and to be entirely underrated; Spencer's feeling seems to be that if it comes to Game Pass, it might get more of the attention it deserves.

Control did do really well — it's currently got a Metascore of 84 — and whilst Spencer doesn't mention a date, or even a timeframe, it's fair to say that Control would be a huge addition to Xbox Game Pass. Perhaps the reason that it sort of seemed to fly under the radar at first is because it wasn't entirely clear what it was about. It was one of those titles where the more trailers and details were released about it, the more questions you seemed to have. Control is the name and theme of the game — it's about Jesse Faden, who's suddenly and unexpectedly dropped into the role of Director at the mysterious Federal Bureau of Control, and the whole idea of the game seems to be about Jesse's mission to regain control. Of what, you ask? It's not entirely clear — the FBC seems to have control of a number of important Places of Power, one of which, The Oldest House, is a key setting in the game. The entire Bureau has come under attack from a supernatural entity called the Hiss. The Hiss are just as mysterious; they're a bodiless force, and can take over the bodies of any humans they come across. Many of the trailers about Control showcased some gravity-defying and reality-distorting aspects, which seem to be centred around the Hiss' ability to disrupt matter, but Jesse herself also seems to have powers.

We'll keep you updated with news about if and when Control comes to Xbox Game Pass.
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