Wake Island Returns to Battlefield V Next Week

By Heidi Nicholas,
Wake Island was the first ever Battlefield map, first appearing in Battlefield 1942. It's been revamped and is making its return to the Battlefield franchise as a free update for Battlefield V on December 12th.

It will be twice the size of the original map, which EA and DICE say will allow for better pacing in matches. They've also added in more vegetation and rock formations to break up that land, so that players don't have to worry about snipers or players with any other long-distance weapons. Now that the map's bigger, it's better suited to vehicles, especially since this version of Wake Island has flatter topography. This map comes as part of Chapter 5, War in the Pacific, which is a free update for Battlefield V. The two maps which arrived in Chapter 5 were Iwo Jima and Pacific Storm, and came out along with the update back in October. Since then, EA and DICE say they've been taking on feedback about the maps to help them tweak Wake Island and improve it even further.

EA give a quick run through of Wake Island. It's intended for an air, land, and sea experience, and will have infantry, aircraft, vehicles and boats. It has a fast tempo available when playing in Breakthrough mode, and a slow tempo for Conquest Mode. There'll be locations for the Recon class, but these have been balanced and should be treated with a sort of high risk, high reward type of mindset. There are several capture points on Wake Island; the hotel, barracks, hangar, ammo depot, oil tanks, and dock. Plus, only attackers get tanks in the first sector of Breakthrough, whilst defenders don't.

Wake Island comes to Battlefield V later this week, on December 12th.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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