Old Man's Journey, Neon Chrome See Big Player Spikes During 10-Day Xbox Game Pass Quest

By Sean Carey,
Xbox Game Pass Quest

Microsoft Game Pass Reward Quests can be a bit of a mixed bag – sometime's it's a decent challenge, sometimes it's a gimme. However, one that has proven popular the two times that it has run is the 10,000 Reward Points for 10,000 Gamerscore in 10 Days Quest. We decided to have a quick look into the stats to see what games you were all playing and just how many of you were unlocking achievements when the Quest ran at the end of last month.

For the Quest, there was a total of 28 games to pick from:
10,000 Gamerscore Game Pass Quest

Looking at the list, the team behind the quest clearly knew what they were doing. Some of the achievement lists involved would take a considerable amount of time to complete. In fact, nearly all of the games on this list are hard completions, bar a few. Hitting 10,000 Gamerscore over the 10 days with these titles is an accomplishment in itself. However, there are a few easier completions with the likes of Old Man's Journey and Minit tucked away in there.

We took a look at the percentage increase in unlocks over the 10 days that the quest was live compared to the previous 10 days before that to see what you were playing. The easiest game on the list, Old Man's Journey naturally had the biggest change in unlock percentage from the previous week with a vast change of 518%. There was also a massive increase in the number of players downloading and playing the game on TA. The day before the quest 14,961 TA members owned the game – by the end of the 10th day, that number had jumped up to 17,086 — a total of 2125 players.

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The second game with a significant unlock increase over the quest was Neon Chrome with a 473% increase in achievements unlocked. Seeing the Roguelite in second came as a bit of a surprise to us, considering the game has an estimated completion time of around 15-20 hours – plus, the TA ratio on these achievements aren't exactly low – just 6% of players have completed Neon Chrome. There are only 12 achievements, all worth either 50G, 60G or 100G, so perhaps people were only dipping in for the Gamerscore, or just needed an excuse for a new game. Conversely, Dead Cells had an increase of only 1% in achievements unlocked during the quest. This could be because the game is notorious for its hard completion, and its unforgiving gameplay – and the fact that many have probably already gotten their fill of this well-publicised indie title.

This wasn't the case for GoNNER though. Classed again as a Roguelite, GoNNER had an increase of 371%, and although considered a hard completion, it looks like quite a few TA members still checked it out and popped an achievement or two.

The backwards compatible Xbox 360 game Samurai Showdown II saw a whopping increase in unlocks of 413% and the same goes for Momodora: Reverie Under The Moonlight, with a 400% increase. Although total player numbers are again small, it certainly looks as if players have dipped into both of these games to pull out the easier Gamerscore on offer – and that can only be a good thing for the developers in terms of visibility. Momodora only has 10 achievements, with all being worth 50Gs and up.

Minit had the biggest increase in the number of players here on TA. 8710 of you had played the game the day before the quest started. This increased by 2276 people by the end of the 10th day coming in at 10,986. This didn't equate to a big increase in achievement unlocks – although Minit is relatively easy, it still requires a little concentration. A 135% change is still nothing to be sniffed at.


Shadow Tactics – Blades of the Shogun was the worst performer out of the 28. It actually saw a 6% decrease in unlocks compared to the previous 10 days. We aren't sure why this is, considering it has been well received here on TA. Some of the earlier achievements don't look too taxing compared to other games on this list.

Recently Oxenfree's developer, Sean Krankel, revealed that his game had been installed over 3 million times due to players checking out the point and click adventure on Game Pass. Naturally, when a Quest like this goes live, more people will be playing the game's involved, and our data confirms this. It will be interesting to see in the future how Microsoft can use Quests to push people into checking out a new Game Pass game.

How did you find the 10,000 Gamerscore for 10,000 Reward Points in 10 Days Quest? What games did you play and how much Gamerscore did you earn over the 10 days? If you managed the full 10,000, we'd love to hear how you did it! Let us know in the comments.
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Written by Sean Carey
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