Human Fall Flat Will Have a Separate Windows 10 Achievement List

By Heidi Nicholas,
Human Fall Flat, the platformer where players wobble their jelly-limbed characters in and out of puzzles, is on its way to Xbox Game Pass for PC. There's no release time frame as yet, but we can be reasonably hopeful of seeing it later this month. We were hopeful that Human Fall Flat, an ID title, would be getting achievement support on PC. TA community member K4rn4ge posed this question to the Human Fall Flat Twitter page, where it was confirmed that the game would definitely have a separate Windows 10 achievement list when it came to Xbox Game Pass for PC.

As K4rn4ge pointed out, this means that Human Fall Flat players have another reason to go back through and play the game again, whilst earning more Gamerscore. Human Fall Flat is constantly being updated with new levels and other DLC, most of which usually add achievements. The most recent content update was the Ice level, which came out last month and added another four achievements. The base game has 47 achievements, for a total 1,000 Gamerscore. Including the DLC packs, which bring a total of 16 achievements, there are 63 achievements to be won in the game overall, for a total of 1,480 Gamerscore. Several of the achievements reward players for progressing through the game's scenarios; something easier said than done. If you're new to the flailing limbs of the doughy characters you'll be controlling in Human Fall Flat, it can take some getting used to before you even know how to get their body and limbs moving in the same direction. Climbing definitely takes some practice, with first attempts usually resulting in your character's stubby little legs working uselessly in midair whilst you try to figure out how to hoist them up. Some reward you for exploring the various scenes, for actions like moving things about or climbing on them. It's a really fun list to go through, so if you're yet to give Human Fall Flat a try, or are looking for an excuse to go back through it, picking it up when it comes to Game Pass for PC would be a good opportunity.

We'll let you know when we hear of a release date for Human Fall Flat onto Xbox Game Pass for PC.

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Heidi Nicholas
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