You Can Now Track Your Achievement History and Progress on the Xbox (Beta) App on PC

By Sam Quirke,
The Xbox (Beta) PC app, through which Xbox Game Pass for PC and Ultimate subscribers can download and play their Xbox Game Pass for PC games, has been quietly updated this week. Now players can track their achievements directly in the app, allowing them to review their recent achievement history as well as look at the achievements they have and haven't unlocked in individual games.

Track achievements in Xbox Beta PC App

How do I track my achievements in the Xbox (Beta) PC app?

It's pretty simple – once you have downloaded and installed the app (if you already have it, make sure it's up to date), click on your gamerpic in the top right corner and click "View Profile". This will take your profile overview, which now proudly displays your most recent games played and your current gamerscore in each.

Xbox (Beta) PC app track achievements

Players can view their progress in individual games by clicking on the game tile on their profile. This will take them to a list of the game's achievements, sorted by last unlocked. For some games (especially first-party ones), there may be some additional statistics too, such as multiplayer games won and multiplayer kills in Halo: The Master Chief Collection. As you can see in the image above, the achievement tiles will also show the diamond symbol if the achievement is rare, and will also show the percentage of players who have unlocked the achievement. If the game is optimised for tracking progress on cumulative achievements, this will be displayed as a progress bar under the achievement tile:

Xbox (Beta) PC app track achievements

When you are looking at the achievement list for a game, you can click on the drop-down next to the game's title and either scroll through or search through the games on that profile – clicking a new game will bring up its achievement page.

Xbox (Beta) PC app achievement trackerI don't have millions of gamerscore – the app is currently missing a pretty crucial forward slash in its gamerscore totals.

If you head to a friend's profile page in the app, you will be able to dive into their achievement progress in the same way, including browsing through their full list of games using the drop-down next to a game title.

There's an additional cool feature too: You can set any unlocked achievement's art work as your desktop background with one click.

Two other elements now appear on the gamer profile – a "Where I Play" section and a "Badges" section. The latter seems to just be for Xbox team members who were involved in launch events – Larry Hryb has six distinct badges for different console launches. The Where I Play section allows players to tick off which platforms they play on, and once they have done so other people in their friends list or searching for their gamertag will be able to see which platforms they game on. Neat.
Xbox (Beta) PC app track achievements

The Xbox (Beta) app is available in the Microsoft Store for free if you haven't downloaded it already, and though there's still some bugs to iron out it's still a useful place to browse through and download your next Xbox Game Pass for PC game. If you want to get the update, you can either open the Xbox (Beta) app and idle for a few moments until the prompt appears, or you can head straight to the Microsoft Store. Hit the three-dot menu in the top right corner and go to "Downloads and Updates" – the Xbox (Beta) app should be listed as needing an update.

Downloads and Updates

What are your impressions of the Xbox (Beta) PC app so far? What would you like to see from it in the future? Let us know in the comments!
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