Return to Jurassic Park is Out Now

By Heidi Nicholas,
Frontier's Return to Jurassic Park DLC for Jurassic World Evolution is out today for £15.99/$19.99, with six new achievements, new dinosaurs, story missions, locations, and buildings. Also out today is the the Free Update 1.12.

Jurassic World Evolution has, in general, been well received, but the one huge request that the community have been after since the game launched is more variety: in dinosaurs, buildings, guest behaviours, skins, and everything else. The update which added the long-requested terrain tools went a long way to satisfying this, and it seems that Return to Jurassic Park could do just as much, as it's bringing a lot of features that the community have been wanting for a long time. Return to Jurassic Park is themed after the 1993 movie, and has a story featuring the voices of the original cast. There'll be seven new story missions overall, with the theme being the rebuilding of Jurassic Park. There's two new locations; 1993 Isla Nublar (Sand) and 1993 Isla Sorna (Shale).

One item causing particular excitement in the Evolution community is the addition of the Compsognathus and Pteranodon. The Pteranodon comes with a new building, the Aviary, where it will be hatched into. There'll be different cosmetic variations for the Pteranodon, and they can escape if their Aviary is hit by enough storm damage, allowing players to reenact some of the iconic scenes from the Jurassic Park and World franchises. They can also die of old age, like the park's dinosaurs.

Return to Jurassic Park

There are a whole load of other new buildings coming in the Jurassic Park Era Building set:
  • Visitor Centre
  • Arrival Helipad
  • Ranger Outpost
  • Hatchery
  • Park Tour
  • Geothermal Power Station
  • Jurassic Park Hotel
  • Emergency Bunker
  • Jurassic Cafe
  • Jurassic Gifts
  • Jurassic Park Storm Defence Station
Given that previous DLCs have introduced roughly one new building each, this is a huge addition. There'll also be new Jurassic Park era fences: the Light Cable Fence, Electrified Cable Fence, and Heavy Cable Fence. The rest of the Jurassic Park Era Building Set contains:
  • A new Pylon
  • Substation
  • Three new gates: Park Gate, Tour Gate and Entrance Gate
  • Three new paths: Cheap, Normal, and Fancy
  • Jurassic Park Feeders and Extended Feeders
  • Construction cladding which has been recoloured for the Jurassic Park era buildings
Return to Jurassic Park

There's new scenery: a Velociraptor Pen, a sign and variants for "East Dock", a "Dilophosaurus" enclosure marker with variants for other species, a Jurassic Park restroom item, and a Ground Light scenery item. There'll be guest changes, too. When playing in JP modes, there'll be an economy change. Three 1990s variants of guests will be available: Tourist style, Security/Operations style, and Ranger style. There's also a new park tour. The full rundown can be found here. The paid DLC costs £15.99/$19.99, but there's also free content available now.

The free content includes, most noticeably, the "Ranger Danger" update, which lets aggressive dinosaurs attack ranger teams. Before, rangers could zoom inches from a T. Rex without a care in the world, but now, certain dinosaurs will kick up a fuss if the ranger vehicles get too close or too noisy. The vehicles will also take damage from attacks (instead of sailing through the air without a scratch) and if it takes too much damage, it'll be destroyed. Each species will have a different tolerance for ranger vehicles, and honking will reduce this. Flares can be used (either manually or deployed as a task) to distract aggressive dinosaurs, and ACU teams can now also fire flares, heal dinosaurs, and engage in photo mode. There's also been changes to the guests; they'll now have a restroom need, which will be satisfied by placing restrooms in accessible locations, such as the current guest need buildings need to be. The free update includes a Jurassic Park era restroom.

Return to Jurassic Park and the free update are both available now.
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