UPDATE: Resident Evil 2 Gets a New Achievement, Links Story to Resident Evil 3

By Heidi Nicholas,
UPDATE: The Steam achievement now has an Xbox equivalent, confirming that Capcom is leaving a little Resident Evil 3 tease in Resident Evil 2. No one has unlocked it yet, so the letter in question may not have been patched in as of yet.

Resident Evil 2Chasing JillThe Chasing Jill achievement in Resident Evil 2 worth 88 pointsRead a letter left behind by Jill.

Original story: Recently, fans spotted a new achievement on Steam for Resident Evil 2 which has now been revealed: it's called "Chasing Jill", and to unlock it, players have to "read a letter left behind by Jill". The reveal of the achievement was spotted by Twitter user Wario64.

The unveiling of this achievement is perfect timing given that the remake of Resident Evil 3
was revealed just yesterday during Sony's State of Play Live Stream. The remake is coming next year, in April 2020, and this Steam achievement would serve as a neat little link between Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3. The extent of this Easter Egg is yet to be seen; it could just be a letter for players to find and read, serving as a little teaser and reminder for the RE3 remake next year, or it could signal that a full-blown chunk of DLC is on its way to Resident Evil 2. This is entirely possible, as the games took place over much of the same time and location. Resident Evil 3 is set around the events of Resident Evil 2, and begins only a day before.

There's no sign of this achievement on any other platform as yet, but since Capcom are in the spotlight right now following the reveal of Resident Evil 3, it would make sense for the achievement to be rolled out to all players. The upcoming Game Awards will be interesting to watch, as, whilst Geoff Keighley has been notably vocal about how there's been no leaks about the 15 games which will apparently be revealed at the show tomorrow, he hasn't necessarily ruled out anything about a game which is already out. Keighley emphasised that there's been no leaks for the Game Awards when he took part in an AMA (ask me anything) on Reddit. But the focus of that question was about new games, and the as-yet unnanounced Resident Evil 3. It's entirely possible we could hear about this intriguing new achievement tomorrow. Fingers crossed for DLC of some kind.
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Written by Heidi Nicholas
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