Two Point Hospital is Coming to Xbox Game Pass

By Sean Carey,
We now have a final release date for Two Point Hospital, and not only that, it will be coming to Xbox Game Pass as confirmed in the game's release trailer. Update: Xbox Wire have since confirmed that Two Point Hospital will be in Xbox Game Pass from launch. The Xbox One edition comes with the Bigfoot and Pebberley Island expansions.

Original Story: We picked up on the release date for Two Point Hospital when it was first added to the Microsoft Store. Now we have an official date of February 25, 2020. Although it doesn't explicitly say Two Point Hospital is coming to Xbox Game Pass, in the final pre-order title screen of the video there is an Xbox Game Pass logo, so it's probably safe to assume the hospital management sim will be making its way to the subscription service.

If this wasn't proof enough, a Twitter user tweeted what he found at the official Two Point Hosptial Twitter account, and they replied saying "Sharp eye! Keep a lookout for more soon :)."

We don't know if the game will launch into Xbox Game Pass on the date it's released. We also don't know if it will be coming to Xbox Game Pass for PC. As this is the console version of Two Point Hospital, it's unlikely that we'll see it added to Game Pass for PC. Although, the current Steam version would be a natural fit for Game Pass for PC.

Two Point Hospital has been out on PC for a while now and has been dubbed as the spiritual successor to 1997s hospital management sim Theme Hospital. Players can build and run their own hospitals and are tasked with not only keeping the books balanced but also treating exotic and often hilarious diseases. Two Point Hospital has been well received by critics and fans alike and currently sits with a Metascore of 83.

Hopefully, we will hear more about if the game is coming to Xbox Game Pass on launch day or at a later date. As soon as we find out, we will let you know.

Two Point Hospital comes to Xbox One on February 25, 2020.

Two Point Hospital™
Two Point Hospital™

The hit hospital building management sim comes to console for the first time! BUILD, CURE and IMPROVE: Design stunning hospitals, decorate them as you like, cure very unusual illnesses and manage troublesome staff!

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