Holo-Day Bash Live Now in Apex Legends

By Heidi Nicholas,
There's been a lot of unexpected news in the Game Awards so far; from the announcement of the next-gen Xbox, to the reveal of a Hellblade sequel. On a less serious note, Apex Legends'Mirage popped up mid-Game Awards to announce the Holo-Day Bash, live now in the game. It brings a new limited-time mode and Town Takeover, and runs from today until January 7th.

The Holo-Day Bash celebrates the holidays with a Town Takeover aboard Mirage's party boat, the Mirage Voyage, which has its own hot tub and dance floor. There's also a new limited time mode: Winter Express. Winter Express is a "non-Battle Royale point-capture mode" where three sqauds fight to capture the festively decorated World's Edge train. Each Legend has a custom loadout for Winter Express, and eliminated players will respawn every round, and be will be able to pick different Legends to play as mid-match. The Holo-Day Bash features event challenges with cosmetics rewards, including two Legendary weapon skins. The Holo-Day Bash Event Packs have 24 cosmetics, limited to this event, which will be available for Apex Coins and Crafting Metals. Unlocking all 24 Holo-Day Bash Collection Pack items will reward you with the Pathfinder Heirloom set, for free. Any players who don't manage to get it before the event ends can get it afterwards as an Apex Pack bonus.

There's also a Double XP weekend, from 10am PST December 13th to 10am PST December 16th, where players can get double XP on all XP aside from Battle Pass challenge Star rewards. You can get the full rundown of the Holo-Day Bash here.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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