The Wolf Among Us 2 Resurrected, Bringing Back Some Key Developers From the Original

By Sean Carey,
It looks like we will finally be getting a sequel to one of Telltale's most well-received games, The Wolf Among Us. During The Game Awards, we got a very short reveal trailer for The Wolf Among Us 2.

According to a report from IGN, the new narrative werewolf title will not be released in 2020, and the game is very much still in development. In an interview given to Forbes, CEO of Telltale Jamie Ottilie revealed that The Wolf Among Us 2 will be a prequel set 20 years before the comic books, but after the first game, and it will have five episodes. Some parts will take place in Fabletown and there will be a "focus on Bigby and Snow".

Production on The Wolf Among us 2 originally started back in 2017, but due to layoffs and the potential closure of Telltale Games the game was cancelled. LCG Entertainment bought Telltale Games earlier this year. It's worth noting at this point that LCG Entertainment bought Telltale long after the development teams were let go. (LCG Entertainment now operates under the Telltale name).

However, the studio developing the game is Ad-Hoc Studios, created by former Telltale employees. Two of the directors from The Wolf Among Us, Nick Herman and Denis Lenart, along with writer Pierre Shorrette, are involved in The Wolf Among Us 2. As may be clear to some of you from the trailer, Bigby voice actor Adam Harrington and Snow voice actor Erin Yvette will be reprising their roles. That familar score in the trailer comes from The Wolf Among Us composer Jared Emerson-Johnson.

According to the Forbes article, the reforged Telltale also employs the brand's former vice president of engineering Zac Litton as its Chief Technology Officer.

What we don't know is The Wolf Among Us 2's release date. Ottllie confirmed to Forbes that the game won't be out in 2020 – the first games from the new Telltale will be based on a new IP. However the game is planned to launch on "consoles" despite the fact that it's going to be an Epic Games Store exclusive on PC.
Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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