Poll: What do you Think of the New Xbox Series X Design?

By Sean Carey,
In a surprise announcement at last night's Game Awards, we got our first look at the new next-generation Xbox Console — Xbox Series X. The design of the console is not something we've seen in a console before, with its sleek vertical design — it looks more like a PC tower, similar to a Corsair One. Phil Spencer said that "form was driven by the function" when it came to the console. This makes sense considering with the Xbox Series X specs are now rivalling some PCs in terms of raw performance and power. The "chimney stack" design is probably to aid with airflow and keeping the internal temps of the console cool, which should help eliminate any loud, immersion-breaking fan noise when the console is under stress.

Xbox Series X

However, some people aren't impressed with the design, and it's becoming quite a divisive topic amongst Xbox fans. The internet has reacted in the only way the internet can by creating memes. Countless memes of kitchens featuring an Xbox Series X instead of a fridge are being posted all over social media sites such as Reddit and Twitter. In all fairness, it does look a lot like a fridge, or at least a mini-one!

So for this week's poll, we want to know your thoughts on the Xbox Series X design. Do you love it or hate it? Completely indifferent or do you need to know more about specific dimensions before coming to a solid conclusion? Let us know in the poll below and give your reasons why in the comments.
What do you think of the Xbox Series X's design?
  • Love it!47.6% (1549)
  • Not a fan11.46% (373)
  • Indifferent21.42% (697)
  • I want to know more — specific dimensions, etc.19.51% (635)
We've had 3254 responses.
Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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