Microsoft Sudoku (Win 10) Achievement List Revealed

By Rich Stone,
We have just picked up the Microsoft Sudoku (Win 10) Achievement list.

There are 45 achievements worth a total of 1,000 Gamerscore, none of which are secret.

Microsoft Sudoku (Win 10) Achievements

Name Description Gamerscore
Came to Win Win your first Daily Challenge 5
Good Start Complete your first puzzle 5
Level Up! Reach Level 2 5
Call me Master Complete 100 Puzzles 20
Irregularity Solve 100 Irregular Shapes 10
Sudoku Expertise Complete an Expert puzzle 10
Go for the Bronze Win 12 Bronze Daily Challenge Badges 30
Go for the Gold Win 8 Gold Daily Challenge Badges 30
Strive for Perfection Complete all Daily Challenge Days of a month 25
Puzzle Master Complete a puzzle on each difficulty 20
Changing Themes Complete a puzzle with a theme that isn't named Simple 5
Number Placer Place 500 numbers correctly 10
Centre Stage Complete a puzzle by solving the centre cell last 40
Easy Does It Solve 5 Easy puzzles in a row 5
Make Me Think Solve 3 Expert puzzles in a row 5
Marathon Complete at least one Daily Challenge on each day of the month's calendar 15
Good Memory Complete a puzzle without using Notes 5
Speed Demon Complete a puzzle in less than 1 minute 10
Noteworthy Enter more than 100 Notes 5
Lucky 7's Finish a puzzle by correctly placing 7 consecutive sevens 50
X Marks the Spot Complete a puzzle where the last squares filled form an “X” shape in the centre 3x3 block 50
Diamonds are Forever Win a diamond Daily Challenge badge. 20
Get the Hint? Use 15 hints 5
Apprentice Reach Level 10 5
Seasoned Reach Level 30 15
Advanced Expert Reach Level 100 30
Legend Reach Level 250 60
Hidden Quantities Complete a puzzle with the "Show Remaining" setting turned off 5
Flawless Complete 5 puzzles without making mistakes 10
Precision Expert Complete 10 Expert puzzles without making mistakes 20
Sudoku Master Complete a Master puzzle 25
Sudoku Grandmaster Complete a Grandmaster puzzle 40
Noteless Complete a Master puzzle without using Notes 50
Medium Master Complete 5 Medium puzzles 20
Hard at Work Complete 5 Hard puzzles 20
Puzzle Addict Complete 500 puzzles 25
Regularly Irregular Complete 10 Irregular puzzles 10
Irregular Challenger Complete an Irregular Daily Challenge 5
Notary Enter more than 500 Notes 10
Order Matters Complete a puzzle where the last nine consecutive moves are the numbers 1-9 50
Four Corners Finish a puzzle by filling the corner cells last 50
Ice Destroyer Break 4 ice blocks in a single move 60
Ice, Ice, Baby Break 250 ice blocks 15
Puzzle Extraordinaire Complete 3 puzzles of each difficulty 60
Go for the Silver Win 10 silver Daily Challenge Badges. 30
Microsoft Sudoku (Win 10) is developed by Arkadium and published by Xbox Game Studios.
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