The Outer Worlds is Getting DLC Next Year

By Heidi Nicholas,
Obsidian's space-western-themed RPG The Outer Worlds received a lot of nominations at last week's Game Awards, for Best Narrative, Best RPG, Game of the Year, and Best Performance for Ashly Burch as Parvati. Obsidian shared a thank you message to the players, where they mentioned the game's future.

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"We want to take this opportunity to thank the incredible team behind The Outer Worlds", the message reads. "To all of those who voted for us in The Game Awards, you are all fantastic and we are so grateful for your support. The reception to The Outer Worlds has been unbelievable to see, and even just being nominated means a lot." It's here that the message gets to the most exciting bit, as the developers announce that The Outer Worlds will be getting DLC: "However, the journey isn't over yet as we are excited to announce that we will be expanding the story through DLC next year!" There's no more information than that as yet, but Obsidian say there'll be more details at some point in the future. However, any news about DLC for The Outer Worlds is good news, especially as the game did so well after launch that the only request from fans seemed to be for more of it. The Outer Worlds scored a 4.5/5 on our site review, and endeared itself to players by being surprisingly non-buggy: one of the biggest issues it had was tiny text, which is now being addressed.

So, the next question is, what will the DLC be about? The Halcyon colony is vast enough by itself, and it's only part of the in-game universe. This DLC could take place at any time; it could carry on and continue the story, or it could perhaps even start before the events of the game, and give us more details about The Hope. Parvati seems to be the general favourite companion (and it was her voice actress who was nominated for Best Performance) so perhaps it could be something to do with her. It could be fun to have a DLC focusing on the past of the scientist/outlaw Phineas Welles, or it could be something entirely different. What do you think it'll be about? Is there anything you'd want it to focus on?
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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