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By Sean Carey,
Highest gamerscore

So you've just set up your account on your shiny new Xbox One. You've added your friends. Now that you know what gamerscore and achievements are all about, you've noticed their big Gamerscore numbers that far eclipse yours. If you're wondering how to quickly get yourhighest Gamerscore[/url] among your friends, this handy guide is full of easy game completions that will have it sky-rocketing in no time.

This guide is part of a series aimed at first time Xbox owners. TrueAchievements is the largest Xbox community site on the internet, allowing players to track their gaming achievements, discuss strategies and compete in contests and leaderboards. Once you have set yourself up on Xbox, you can register with us for free using your gamertag.

Who has the highest gamerscore?

One of the most common gamerscore related questions out there, and thanks to the fact that the vast majority of dedicated achievement hunters are on TA, you can see who has the highest gamerscore in the world on our Gamerscore leaderboard. At the time of writing, smrnov is number 1 in the world for Gamerscore, with a whopping tally of over 2,350,000. For reference, most games ship with 1000 Gamerscore. If you're just starting out, it might be a fair while before you catch smrnov. Let's start a little smaller, and get you ahead of your friends.

How do I increase gamerscore on Xbox One?

First things first: if you haven't signed up to Xbox Game Pass you should definitely consider it. Chances are, you will have a free trial included in the box of your console. It really is the best deal in gaming at the moment there are over 200 Xbox Game Pass games available to download for a reasonable fee each month. The offer below gives you three months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for just $1. Signing up to Xbox Game Pass will allow you quickly rack up that Gamerscore on the cheap, without having to buy any games outright.

Ultimate 3 Months
Ultimate 3 Months

Xbox Live Gold and over 100 high-quality games for one low monthly price. Play together with friends and discover your next favourite game. Terms apply. See description below. Joining Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will upgrade your remaining Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass for Console or Xbox Game Pass for PC time into Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for the same amount of time, up to 36 months. All conversions are final. See for details.

If you have signed up to Xbox Game Pass, you can quickly track all of the games available to you by signing up to TrueAchievements. Once you're signed up – which you can do in a couple of clicks using your Xbox account – just head to the Xbox Game Pass games list and click the "I have Xbox Game Pass" button. This will add every game in Xbox Game Pass to your collection on-site, meaning you can easily look up the achievements available to you on your TrueAchievements profile.

When looking at our full Xbox Game Pass games list, you can sort the list by TA Ratio by clicking the "Ratio" header twice. Generally speaking games with a ratio lower than 1.5 are relatively easy to complete, and you can check the "Comp Time" column for an estimate of how long the game will take. These completion times are driven by community submissions.

If you're new to TrueAchievements, you should know that we're dedicated to the hunt for Gamerscore. We have loads of achievement guides and Xbox achievement walkthroughs for many of the games in the Xbox ecosystem. In our handy list of easy completions below, we will include links straight to the walkthrough to make life easier for you in the quest for more Gamerscore.

Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons

Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons

This adventure title from the makers of A Way Out has been rated a 3.85/5 by the TA community and has been well-received critically. Our Brothers achievement walkthrough details how to get through the game and pick up the achievements as you go. There are 12 Brothers a Tale of Two Sons achievements, and it'll take 2-3 hours to complete.

The Gardens Between

The Gardens Between

The Gardens Between is an interesting time-manipulation puzzle game known on site for its easy completion. There are quite a few collectable achievements, so it's highly recommended that you follow our Gardens Between achievement walkthrough, just so you don't miss one. There are 17 The Gardens Between achievements, and it should take between 1-2 hours to complete.

What Remains of Edith Finch


While it's a slightly longer completion of around 3-4 hours, each of the ten What Remains of Edith Finch achievements are worth 100G. It's one of the more famous "walking simulators" – for those new to the concept, that's traditionally a negative term describing games that have little gameplay beyond walking around and watching a story unfold. Don't let that put you off – despite the origin of the term, some walking simulators are considered the best and most artistic of games out there. There is an intriguing story in here that will have you clamouring for more – Mark certainly appreciated it in his Edith Finch site review where the first-person narrative adventure received a 4.5/5. If you get stuck our community's Edith Finch achievements walkthrough will help you figure it out.


Tacoma After comparison shot

Sci-fi adventure game Tacoma is pretty divisive even in the office – Sam grew to love it, but the story didn't have an impact on me. I highly recommend following our community's Tacoma achievement walkthrough on this one. Some of the puzzles in the game can be a bit long-winded, and there is a tonne of text to read through. Follow along and you will get the 12 Tacoma achievements for 1000 Gamerscore in no time.

Old Man's Journey

Old Man's Journey Achievements

Here's another super easy and quick completion, one that soared in player numbers during a recent Xbox Game Pass achievement quest. It's a simple puzzle game that has you manipulating different levels of terrain for an old man to journey over. Although the gameplay is simple, it does have an emotional story that is worth the playthrough. There are 12 Old Man's Journey achievements – some of these are easily missed, so check out the community's highly rated well-liked Old Man's Journey achievements walkthrough and make sure you get them all.



Wandersong is a new addition to Xbox Game Pass that, played normally, should take around 10 hours to complete. However, members here on TA have found a way to get all the achievements in less than an hour, thanks to a cheat code that opens up Scene Select before you've completed the game. We highly recommend that you play the game through normally as it really is a game deserving of your time, especially if you like a heartfelt story. If you're just after the Gamerscore, however, check out this forum post that details how to use the cheat code. Wandersong has 20 achievements, some of which have well-hidden requirements, so make sure to check out the guides on site.

Tracks - The Train Set Game

Tracks Xbox One Review

Another recent addition to Xbox Game Pass is Tracks. It's so easy that the community have already put together a full Tracks achievements walkthrough – if you follow along with it you'll be done in less than an hour. Tracks is a sandbox game where you create your own wooden railway lines and accompanying quaint wooden villages — It has a sort of relaxing Minecraft feel to it, and is perfect for children and adult train enthusiasts alike. If you're intrigued by the concept, check out our Tracks site review where Sam has given the game a 4/5. There are 10 Tracks achievements, many of which are worth 100 gamerscore apiece.

Xbox Game Pass for PC

The games listed above are the quickest and easiest completions found in Xbox Game Pass on console. If you have decided to opt for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you'll also have the option to earn achievements on your Xbox Game Pass for PC games – included as part of Ultimate. The Xbox Game Pass for PC app is currently in beta, and it's a bit unreliable as some games don't include achievements – even among the ones that do, there aren't many easy wins at the moment. We rounded up ten Xbox Game Pass for PC games with easy achievements for those who want to dive in.

Ratalaika Games and Sometimes You

Devious Dungeon

Something that you might not know coming into the world of achievement hunting is that some video game publishers are notorious for publishing games that are incredibly easy to complete. Ratalaika Games and Sometimes You are infamous here at TrueAchievements. Their games are usually cheap and only take a few hours to complete — they aren't always the best, but plenty of them are tolerable enough. Sam's a fan of Ratalaika's Devious Dungeon games for a bit of mindless monster-chopping fun.

If you like a game and want to see more from the same publisher and developer, head to the game's achievement page. You can click on the name of the publisher or developer in the Game Information box (under the achievement list on mobile). This will take you to a list of every games from that developer or publisher with Xbox achievements. Here's a shortcut to both Ratalaika Games and Sometimes You so you can see what we mean.

Microsoft's Casual Games on PC and Mobile

Microsoft Sudoku (Win 10) Achievements

We can't play games on console or on a powerful desktop PC all the time, sadly – some of us have work in the morning. But that doesn't mean you can't earn achievements on the commute. In the future, maybe we'll be playing full games via Microsoft's xCloud program. But for now, while internet connections aren't brilliant, you can still earn plenty of achievements on laptop or mobile thanks to Microsoft's own causal gaming collections. While some achievements are long winded, requiring play over several months, lots of them are easy too. If you like completing a quick word puzzle or Sudoku on your phone while you travel, you might as well switch to a Microsoft branded app and earn some achievement progress for your trouble. The most recent casual games under the Microsoft brand are developed by Arkadium – there are versions of these games available on mobile, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

The TrueAchievements Gamer Menu

Highest gamerscore

If you have already signed up to TrueAchievements you can also use our Gamer Menu to find out which achievements you are close to completing. By clicking on your profile image in the top right hand of the screen, you'll open your personalised Gamer Menu. You'll see a heading titled Next Achievements which shows you the next three achievements you are close to unlocking. If you click the All button, a full list of achievements sorted by their relative difficulty will pop up, allowing you to easily see which achievements in your collection are easy to tick off.

Xbox Sales Quick Completion Articles Here on TrueAchievements

Every Tuesday, Xbox has a Deals with Gold sale, where if you're a Gold or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriber, you will receive discounts on several Xbox titles. Each week, we delve into the sales and publish a list of quick and easy game completions so that you can get the most Gamerscore for your money. We also publish a monthly list of quick completions from all the games that get released during that month. Make sure you come back and visit us for those. You can sign up to TrueAchievements in just a few clicks using your Xbox account. We have a fantastic and friendly community here that are not only enthusiastic about achievement hunting but the whole Xbox ecosystem, too — sign up for free today.
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