FrostPunk's Biggest Expansion Releases in January

By Heidi Nicholas,
Last Autumn will be Frostpunk's biggest expansion yet. It's got a confirmed PC release date for January 21st next year. There's been no confirmed console release date as yet, but Rufus Kubica, who works in Marketing and Social Media for 11 bit studios, has said that it's "coming later on". The expansion is detailed on Steam, and will add a new scenario, new mechanics, new Book of Laws, and new technologies, buildings and environments.

Just the music in the trailer is enough to start the familiar panic; it feels like there's never enough time in Frostpunk to hoard resources, save your people, and still outrace the oncoming winter. But this expansion has some key differences to the main game, the most obvious being the change in environment. This is the first time in Frostpunk where we'll be dealing with areas not covered by snow; there's water, grass, and greenery. It's a little unsettling. The trailer's narrated by Euphemia MacLachlan, Assistant Engineer at Imperial Exploration Company. She's been told that her mission was just a precaution. The Last Autumn is meant to greatly expand the Frostpunk universe and build upon its lore and narrative, and from 11 bit studio's screenshot of the mission summary, we can see that the world was aware, at least in part, of the dangers to come. There are rumours about the global cooling, and crop failures and riots which seem to prove it. The Queen has ordered Euphemia and the IEC to oversee construction of Generator 113, in the area saved for the relocation of the Liverpool urban area if things continue to worsen. In the trailer, Euphemia says it's been five weeks since they left Birmingham — and she can already feel the weather changing.

Last Autumn

The expansion's scenario gives you 45 days to work on the Generator and keep ahead of schedule. There'll be a new Book of Laws to help you stick to this schedule and manage society in new ways. There'll also be new buildings, strategies, and technologies. The Last Autumn will be the biggest expansion yet, but it's not the only one planned for the future; there's another piece of DLC coming next year, which is currently codenamed Project TVADGYCGJR. Both of these and the DLC already out, The Rifts, are part of Frostpunk's Season Pass.

Last Autumn

Frostpunk is a fun but gruelling game. Don't expect a relaxing time from it; it's trying its hardest to kill any settlement and society you manage to build in the frozen wastes of the Frostpunk world. But it's also strangely addictive, and alarmingly easy to turn into a power-crazed tyrant. We enjoyed it, and gave it a 4/5 on our site review. We'll let you know when we hear more about the console release date for Frostpunk's future expansions.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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