Overcooked! 2's Free Winter Wonderland Update is Out Now

By Sean Carey,
Overcooked! 2's free Winter Wonderland Update is out now, and is a celebration of all the DLC the game has had over the past year. It's got new levels, chefs, recipes, and enemies for the Horde Mode.

The five new seasonally decorated kitchens are inspired by the DLCs which came before; two from September's Carnival of Chaos, two from June's Night of the Hangry Horde, and one from April's Campfire Cook Off. The two new chefs let players zoom around the kitchen as a Reindeer Chef or the Present Head chef. The Horde Mode has new festively-themed enemies: candy canes, Christmas puddings, and angry zombie-like Christmas tree-shaped cookies. The update also adds five seasonal recipies: hot chocolate, pancakes, roast dinners, Christmas puddings, and mince pies.

Winter Wonderland

If you haven't yet tried Overcooked! 2's previous 2019 DLCs, they're available in the Season Pass for $19.99. Night of the Hangry Horde introduces the game's first horde mode, with eight horde mode levels, in which players have to use their cooking skills to keep the undead ingredients at bay. When the DLC first released, the horde enemies included the unbread, giant zombie apples, and zombie chili peppers; the Winter Wonderland update expands this with the candy canes, Christmas puddings, and Christmas tree cookies. Night of the Hangry Horde also included 12 new levels, consisting of nine new kitchens and three Kevin levels, and four new chefs: the Vampire chef, Ghost chef, Werewolf chef, and Boxhead chef. It also introduced the guillotine to use when chopping ingredients, and the furnace, along with fruit pie, soup, and roast dinner recipes. Campfire Cook Off is set in the Onion Kingdom's forests, with four forest-approprite chefs: Scout Chef, Bear Chef, Beaver Chef, and Owl Chef. It added 15 levels, and new recipies such as the hearty breakfast and S'mores. Carnival of Chaos, Overcooked! 2's most recent DLC, added cannons to fire chefs through the air, combo meals, new hot dog and donut recipes, sauces, 15 new levels, and four new chefs: Ringmaster Chef, Strongman Chef, Clown Chef and Stunt Chef.

The base Overcooked! 2 game was just added last week to Xbox Game Pass, so if you've just tried it out and liked it, you can pick up the Season Pass to access the extra content.

Overcooked! 2 - Season Pass
Overcooked! 2 - Season Pass

Satisfy your hunger for Overcooked! 2’s chaotic cooking action with the Season Pass The Season pass will deliver 3 extra portions of content, featuring more meals, more mechanics and more mayhem!

The price for the Season Pass isn't that different from the cost of buying the three DLCs separately, so, given the frequent DLC additions to Overcooked! 2, it's likely we'll be seeing more DLC added to the game in the future, and included in the Season Pass.
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Written by Sean Carey
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