Gears 5 Celebrates the Holidays with Themed Skins, Free Items and Free Boost

By Sean Carey,
The festive spirit is coming to Gears 5 with Title Update 3.1 rolling out today. To celebrate there are a bunch of Gearsmas skins up for grabs as well as couple days of free Boost. The update also fixes a number of crucial issues that were flagged by the Gears community.

Gearsmas Gears 5

Players will be able to earn the Krampus Scion by getting 200 kills in Free For All. The Krampus Scion skin is based on the Warden. The skin can be accessed instantly without needing to unlock a character first. The skin is assigned under the Scion Character. You'll also be able to earn holiday-themed skins for all your weapons. You can earn a full 18 weapon skins by completing 100 waves of Jingle Juvies during the Gearsmas event.

Jingle Juvies is a 20 wave Horde Special Event that features a tonne of Juvies all donning antlers and boss waves featuring a bunch more Juvies and standard enemies. The Juvies are also equipped with Frags to their backs. For Versus, unfortunately, the Snowball Fight won't be making an appearance, "With the very recent release of Free For All, we feel it’s best to keep the focus firmly on this new mode over the holidays – where we’ll be joined by new and returning players who may have yet to try FFA in Gears 5," said The Coalition.

Gearsmas Gears 5

For the free stuff, you'll be able to get four new items just for logging in. You can get a Gearsmas Jack Character Skin, a Gearsmas Bloodspray, Gearsmas Mark and a Gearsmas Banner all for logging in from today until January 2nd. You can also earn two days of free Boost by logging in on both the 25th and 26th of December.

With Title Update 3.1 comes a few key fixes that have been flagged up by the Gears community. The following has been fixed with the release of the update:

  • Visual corruption in two FFA maps – The Pit and Nethercutt
  • Unintended “teammates” in FFA
  • Horde: Crashing while joining games in progress
Title Update 3.1 will be going live today shortly followed by the Gearsmas Event as confirmed by The Coalition in a tweet.

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