World War Z's Horde Mode Z Update is Live Now

By Heidi Nicholas,
Horde Mode Z is World War Z's new horde mode, which pits players against increasingly deadly waves of zombies. The enemies are endless, and have increased difficulty with each wave. This free content releases today, alongside Saber Interactive's paid DLC, and the developers promise there's more on the way.

Horde Mode Z is a co-op mode in which players have to earn resources over the course of the match. The resources can be spent on a randomised weapon pool, upgrades for a weapon's tier, heavy weapons, med kits, equipment bags, and defence kits. If you're quick enough, you can also explore the area after clearing a wave to find free pick ups. Each wave also has a side objective, which can be cleared to get more resources to use in defence. There'll also be military crates hidden around the place, which grant bonus resources once they've been opened with a breaching charge.

The update also adds a new zombie type. The Bomber, previously an explosives expert, is now a dangerous enemy. To avoid setting off its explosives, it has to be taken down by targeting its limbs. Once it's down, players have to defuse the bomb. Defeating this zombie rewards bonus loot. The free content in this update is considerably more than the paid DLC, which also includes four unique weapon variants. Saber Interactive also announced that crossplay support is on the way, as are additional free cosmetics, and that this extra content would be part of the third and final update of this season: Update 6. A new premium campaign episode is also on the way in the next few months. Saber promise that there's more news on the way soon, and we'll be sure to keep you updated.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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