Orcs Must Die! E3 Character Reveal

By Keith Gray, 7 years ago
The unrelenting onslaught of E3 trailers continues as Robot Entertainment jumps on the bandwagon by revealing another enemy character set to feature in action-strategy title, Orcs Must Die!.

The Gnoll Hunters are an enemy with just one big intention... to kill YOU. The game's official site provides a fuller description, as follows:

Sporting razor-sharp teeth, a fast loping gait, and powerful claws, gnoll hunters aren’t interested in getting through the rift – they’re interested in killing you! (They’re also interested in killing archers and paladins, but everyone knows tender young war mage is the sweetest meat of all).
If you're desperate to see the savagery of the Gnoll Hunters first-hand, you should cast your eyes over the E3 trailer:

The addition of the Gnoll Hunters follows hot on the heels of yesterday's Trap Spotlights.

The first original title from Robot Entertainment, Orcs Must Die! is scheduled for release as a downloadable entity this summer. As yet, no pricing details have been confirmed.
Keith Gray
Written by Keith Gray
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