NeverDead E3 Trailer and Documentary

By Perpalicious, 7 years ago
The number of interesting games this year seem endless. Amidst all the gaming chaos exists NeverDead, a game where the player is immortal.

NeverDead follows an entertaining demon hunter by the name of Bryce, who was cursed by a demon king five-hundred years ago and doomed to live for eternity. Gamers take control of Bryce during modern times where he, along with his private investigator Arcadia, attempts to stop a demon invasion that will destroy the city.

As a result of Bryce's immortality, gamers can take severe damage, lose limbs, and reattach them. To help gamers get a good grasp of the story and the gaming mechanics, Konami released the following lengthy trailer and documentary video:

NeverDead does not have a firm release date and is slated for late 2011.