XBLA Game Puddle Detailed

By Perpalicious, 7 years ago
Indie games have gained a lot of momentum on the Xbox and given unknown developers a chance in the big spotlight. Some games even make it on to Xbox Live Arcade, are paid for, and have delectable achievements.
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Enter Puddle, a computer-based platform game turned XBLA game. In the game, players cannot directly control the existing pool of water, but instead they tilt the surrounding area (like LocoRoco) to move as much of the evaporating water to its goal. Each proceeding level changes the properties of the liquid and level design to increase the challenge and avoid stagnation.
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To get a visual reference, The Puddle Team can be seen here explaining and demonstrating the game's mechanics:

Puddle currently has no release date but you can head over to the official website to try out the PC version, get more information, and see more screenshots.