It's Quiz Time Developers Fix an Unobtainable Achievement, Two Years After Release

By Sam Quirke,
Achievement hunters have been happily completing the It's Quiz Time achievement list today, as the game's remaining unobtainable achievement, Professional Troll, has finally become obtainable after two years of being broken. The fix comes as developer Snap Finger Click celebrates the festive season with a new free quiz.

DANIELJJ14, who alerted us to this news, already has a guide to unlocking the Professional Troll achievement, which requires players to answer every question in a round but still end up with zero points. You can check out their guide here:

It's Quiz TimeProfessional TrollThe Professional Troll achievement in It's Quiz Time worth 105 pointsAnswer every question in a Solo Score Attack game but end with zero points

It might take a few goes to avoid accidentally answering a question with a correct answer, but as each round of the quiz is 10 minutes or less the achievement shouldn't take too long to unlock.

It's Quiz Time is a topical quiz party game from the team that brought us the classic "Buzz!" quiz games of generations past. It boasts 25,000 unique questions, and has recently been "updated for 2020" according to the store description. Eight players can compete using their smartphones by downloading the companion app on Google Play or the iOS App Store.

The game has two other achievements to look out for: sadly we've missed the boat on the achievement that requires playing the game on Halloween, but this update comes just in time to remind you to start up the game on Christmas Day, December 25th, to get a different achievement:

It's Quiz TimeMerry QuizmasThe Merry Quizmas achievement in It's Quiz Time worth 38 pointsPlay on December 25th

If you fancy picking up It's Quiz Time now that the achievement list is fully completable – or you just fancy a new quiz game for the holidays – you can find your local price below.

It's Quiz Time

It's Quiz Time

Go head to head with the BIGGEST trivia game on console… ever! With over 25,000 unique question and now updated for 2021 with 1,000 brand new topical brain teasers from weird and wonderful news items, to music, movies and memes from the last year. The biggest quiz game just got bigger!

Take advantage of our Live Show mode to stream and play along with your audiences, or share your results with friends directly from our companion app!

Thanks to DANIELJJ14 for this news suggestion.
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