An Update to Batman - The Telltale Series Seems to Have Broken All of the Achievements

By Sam Quirke,
While we're all excited for Telltale's resurrection under new management and with a new team, there will likely be some stumbles along the way as the newcomers sort through the back catalogue. One slip-up comes this week via Batman – The Telltale Series, just yesterday announced as one of the Games with Gold for January 2020. It appears that none of the game's achievements are unlocking following a recent update to the game.


It's possible that the break is related to the recently announced Shadows Mode for Batman – The Telltale Series and Batman: The Enemy Within, a paid DLC that changes the colouring of the game to a more noirish black-and-white-and-a-bit-of-colour. Like most Telltale games released during its rollercoaster period of success and failure, the Batman – The Telltale Series achievement list is composed of achievements that unlock as each chapter of each episode is completed. Since the update, several players in our community have cleared several chapters with no achievement pops. One forum member, SpiderPg, managed to unlock achievements before the update, and hasn't been able to unlock any more since the update was installed.

Sim31, who raised the issue to our flagging team, verified that the update appears to be the cause. By installing the game from a physical disc Sim31 was able to avoid the update. After completing a couple of achievements offline, Sim31 put their console back online and the achievements popped. Those of you who have the physical disc may want to use this workaround for the time being if you're in a hurry to get those achievements.

Hopefully this will be a quick fix for the returning studio. We've reached out to ask about a fix and potential timelines, but we would hope that Telltale manage to get this sorted before January 2020, before the many millions of Gold subscribers start downloading the game for no additional cost.

Update: The support team at Telltale have told us that the developers are aware, but with the holidays coming up they weren't able to give us a time frame for getting it fixed.

Thanks to several members of the community for reporting this to us.
Sam Quirke
Written by Sam Quirke
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