Xbox Series X Launches in December 2020, According to Store Data

By Sam Quirke,
The Xbox Series X is coming in December 2020, according to our own store scans. This puts a slightly more solid window on the release than "Holiday 2020", meaning that the console will release after the Black Friday rush, with enough time for pre-orders to be fulfilled before Christmas.

Xbox Series X release date

What is the Xbox Series X release date?

The Xbox Series X release date is December 2020 – or at least, that's what the UK store record is telling us. The US record still has a generic "Holiday 2020" placeholder, but we would be surprised if the release date wasn't universal.

An interesting wrinkle appeared in the background data we received in our scans, too – there is a marker for a "planned release date" of December 13th... 2019. While the year is obviously not correct, December 13th would be right in the gap between Black Friday madness and getting pre-orders out on time to customers. However, it's worth bearing in mind that the Series X was announced on the 13th in the UK, so it might just be the "planned release date" of the name itself.

The listing containing this information describes the product as "Xbox Series X Console and Controller", which certainly aligns with the reveal at The Game Awards featuring the console and a single Series X controller. It appears this will be the standard product available for the holidays in 2020, though it remains to be seen if any other bundles and variants will be released at retail.

Other details on the Series X – pre-order details, pricing, that sort of thing – have yet to turn up on our scanners. We'll be sure to update you if anything else appears.
Sam Quirke
Written by Sam Quirke
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